Perbedaan Antara Later dan Latter Beserta Contoh Soalnya

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1. Pengertian dan Perbedaan Later dan Latter

Later adalah adverb (kata keterangan) yang biasanya digunakan untuk menerangkan hal yang berkaitan dengan waktu di masa depan. Later tidak menjelaskan secara spesifik, ia hanya menerangkan waktu di masa depan secara umum. Apabila diartikan ke dalam bahasa Indonesia maknanya menjadi “nanti”.

Sementara itu, latter adalah kata sifat yang mendeskripsikan salah satu dari dua benda yang dibandingkan. Selain itu, bisa juga berfungsi sebagai noun atau kada benda yang berarti benda yang hadir di akhir. Latter menjelaskan sifat suatu benda yang hadir atau datang berdekatan dengan akhir dari suatu process atau aktivitas.

Kata later dan latter tampaknya mirip tetapi bukan sinonim atau saling menggantikan. Untuk mudah mengingatnya, kita simpulkan bahwa kata later berhubungan dengan waktu dan kata latter berhubungan dengan ruang atau urutan.

2. Contoh Penggunaan Later dan Latter dalam kalimat

He cannot meet you now. He will meet you later .If my father offered me studying abroad or a car, I would choose the latter.
She is hectic. She promises to meet you later .I like noodle and porridge, but the latter is my favorite.
My mother hasn’t had any money to buy a car for me. She will buy it later .In a choice between rich man and kind man, she prefered the latter.
I will tell you later if the condition is already stable.My mother can play guitar or a violin, but the latter is her best instrument to play.
They believe that the UFO will come later .I told Didi to buy automatic motorcycle or a car, but he chose the latter .
Can you call me later ? I am not feeling well now. I need to take a rest.Tasya loves dog and cat, but she loves the latter the most.
I don’t know what to do now. I think I will tidy it up later .Wena got two job interviews at once. Those were teacher and education consultant. Finally, she prefered the latter .
Don’t be sad. We can make it later .Viny is confused. She is proposed by two men. They are a teacher and a doctor. After considering it quiet long, she chose the latter .

3. Contoh Soal

Decide which one to use, later or latter, to fill the blank in these following sentences.

1. My uncle has a son and a daughter; the former is a doctor, the………….is an accountant.

2. Deni will send it at a………..time.

3. Of the first two Rainbow Troop books, I prefer the……………

4. Titi arrived at the airport…………..than Toto did.

5. My sister prefer the…………….dress to the former one.

6. They will be back……………

7. Yooni was given a choice between a bowl of hot noodle or a bowl of meatball. She chose the………..of the two; a bowl of mearball.

8. When it comes to rock music or jazz music, I prefer the……………

9. See you……….., Dania! I will come again on December next year.

10. She said that she would finish the project…………..

Answer Keys

1. Latter
2. Later
3. Latter
4. Later
5. Latter
6. Later
7. Latter
8. Latter
9. Later
10. Later