Contoh Essay Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kedisiplinan di Sekolah

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Contoh Essay Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kedisiplinan di Sekolah – Mengapa disiplin harus diterapkan di sekolah dan bagaimana penerapannya? Anda bisa mendapatkan penjelasannya dengan membaca essay bahasa Inggris tentang kedisiplinan berikut ini.

School Discipline

The appellation for someone who has high discipline refers to a person who always present on time, obedient to the rules, behave in accordance with norms that applied, and so on. On the contrary, appellation for a person who is lack of discipline usually refers to a person who cannot fully comply with regulations and provisions from the community and the government or rules set by a certain institutions.

A student in their learning activities in school will not loose from various law and order system applied in schools, and every student is charged to behave in accordance with the rules in the school. Students’ submission and obedience against the rules at school is commonly called as students’ discipline. Meanwhile, the rules and other provisions which govern the work of the student are called the school disciplines.

School discipline is for maintaining the students’ behavior so that they do not turn aside and they still behave in accordance with the norms, the regulation and good governance at school. The rules of the school refer to the rule about the standards of dress (standards of clothing), punctuality, social behavior and ethics in learning/working.

The definition of school discipline is sometimes also applied to inflict punishment (sanctions) as a consequence of a violation of the rules although sometimes it becomes controversy in applying the methods of discipline, so it stucks in the form of physical treatment error (physical maltreatment) and the psychological treatment error (psychological maltreatment).

The purposes of the discipline at school are providing support for the creation of good behavior, encouraging students to do good and right, helping students to understand and conform with the demands of the environment and away from doing things which are prohibited by the school, and students learn to live with good customs and it will beneficial for him and their environment. In the classroom, if a teacher is not able to apply discipline well, the students may be less motivated and obtain the particular emphasis, and the atmosphere of learning to be less conducive to get the students’ achievement in learning.

Discipline is developed into preventive discipline and corrective discipline. Preventive discipline is an effort to encourage the students to follow and comply with the regulation. By that way, the students become disciplined and grow themselves over existing regulations. Corrective discipline is an effort to direct students to remain obeying the rules. For those who violate sanctions will be given a lesson and reform so that they maintain and follow the existing rules.

Talking about school discipline cannot be detachable with the problem of the students’ negative behavior. Negative behavior that occurs among teenager students recently is very worrying, such as: free sex life, drugs, motorcycle gang and a variety of the act of that figure into the direction of other criminal that not only can hurt you, but also harm the society. In the internal school, there is still found a breach of various rules at schools from light level until high level, such as: running away from school, fight, cheating, blackmail, theft and the forms of other behavior deception.