Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Emansipasi Wanita

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Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Emansipasi Wanita – Bagaimana tanggapan Anda tentang emansipasi wanita? Mungkin pidato di bawah ini, bisa memberikan perwakilan atas apa yang Anda pikirkan mengenai emansipasi wanita.

Good Morning, ladies and gentlemen.

The honourable the head of Bandar Lampung Education Department.

The honourable the headmaster of SMA Budi Pekerti.

The honourable teachers and all of my dearest friends.

First of all, let’s praise the Almighty Allah SWT for His gracious mercy and grace, therefore, we gather here in this warm morning. Thank you for the chance that has been given to me to stand up here to deliver my speech with theme “Women Emancipation”. The purpose of my speech is to persuade all of the society in the effort of preventing discrimination and trafficking.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Women often become the object of discrimination treatment because of the difference of condition and position between women and men, in which women are considered as weak and men are strong. This happened since long time ago and become a pattern of discrimination in the culture and society or in the family. Our women emancipation hero, R.A. Kartini said that women must be educated, so that women can work and make money by herself, she can develop all of her ability and she will not be dependent on other people. Remember the situation at that time when tradition was still stiff in R.A. Kartini’s surrounding, it showed how advanced and progressive her thought was. Moreover, now we live in the modern era, this is the time for us to change the pattern of thought which considers that women who study until high education, at last she only works in the kitchen. So, the first thing that we have to stop is the discriminative gender action. Don’t see women as a weak figure and they don’t have right and good quality of work compared to men.

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is same as the gender discrimination that trafficking case now often happen to women. Why? Because women are considered as weak, easy to trick, and low educated. This is what we have to solve through education. Even though various programs have been done and applied to solve trafficking problems by government but the result is not really significant and maximum yet. The cause is the lack of awareness and knowledge of the victim. If all of Indonesia’s women have chance to have high education and they get direction, they will be able to refuse and defeat the act of discrimination and trafficking. Now is the time for women to be smart, hard to trick, and not to accept something without thinking and knowing he truth.

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is important to remember that fairness in gender is not only discussing about position and relation of women with a community, but it has also been one step forward to build various ways and actions. We have to realize that encourage the fairness should be started by building the capacity of women, making organization which can be a place to learn and also opening the accesses of learning.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The emancipation will grow itself as the women chase the good quality. Now, we are as the Indonesian women, have to show our creation and chase quality as great women. Women with power and quality automatically can prevent the act of discrimination and trafficking which will hit herself. For all of Indonesian women, let’s build our country by upgrading ourselves for the better generation and the better nation.

I’m Hanggi Wicaksono. Thank you for your attention. Good bye and see you next time.

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