Contoh Recount Text About Experience at School

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Contoh Recount Text About Experience at School – Bagaimana pengalaman Anda di sekolah? Jika Anda mempunyai pengalaman yang menarik, Anda bisa menceritakannya seperti artikel berikut ini.

My Elementary School Life

Five years ago, I studied at SD Pembangunan, Tangerang. I had many memorable moments with my friends at school. My friends were kind to me and they were smart. I joined some extracurriculer activities at school. I joined marching band, traditional dance, and vocal group. I loved music very much. I also liked arts.

I used to practice traditional dance with my friends every Monday after school. My teacher was fierce and discipline. We had to come on time. She would give punishment if we came late. We always practiced seriously because we would join traditional dance competition the following months. We would show our best in that competition. Then, the day came. We were so nervous at the beginning. I was afraid that I would do mistakes in my dance movements. The aundience were so excited to see us. I could recognize my mother on the middle of the crowd in the room. She tried to motivate me and gave spirit. I could also recognize my teacher standing near to my mother.

She smiled and gave spirit to us. We were back to our teacher after performing. She said that we had performed very well. She said that she would gave a little evaluation in our daily practice. An hour later, the judges announced the winner. With smile and little cry, we came in front the stage to take the prize. We get the second position as the winner of traditional dance. We were so happy. However, my tecaher said that we should practice more and more to have a better performance in the next competition.

I seldom practiced marching band because the schedule often got crushed with vocal group practice. I prefered to join vocal group practice. I loved singing. It was my favorite extracurriculer activity. In this activity, I learned how to sing well. My friends and I often sang in the government ceremony, especially in the independence day. We felt honoured and proud to sing there. In the regular flag ceremony at school, we also sang some national songs. My teacher also taught us to sing some kids song in meddle. I always felt happy to sing. It burnt my spirit up. I was so excited to sing a song. One day, my class teacher challenged us to sing whatever song we knew. If we were brave to sing in front of the classroom, my class teacher would give chocolate. Without doubt, I came to the front and started to sing. The first verse was going well. My friends seemed to enjoy my voice. The second verse was smooth. But, suddenly i got cough in the middle of the third vere and all of my friends laughed in the classroom. My throat was itchy. My teacher gave me a glass of water to drink and the chocolate. I felt embrassed because I got cought when I was singing. On the other hand, I was so happy to get the chocolate. That story was always re-told by friends everytime we held reunion. That was a funny story they said.