Contoh Memo Formal dan Tidak Formal dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Contoh Memo Formal dan Tidak Formal dalam Bahasa Inggris – Seperti juga dalam bahasa Indonesia, di dalam bahasa Inggris terdapat memo formal dan memo tidak formal, bagaimana bentuk keduanya? Anda bisa membacanya melalui artikel di bawah ini.

Formal Memo


Contoh 1

FROM : Human Resources Office
TO : All Departments
SUBJECT : Dinner Together

We submit this memo as information for all departments.

To improve our togetherness, then we will conduct dinner and sharing moment on:

Date : June 4th, 2015
Hours : 07:00 pm
Place : Human Resources Office

Best regard,

The Chief of Human Resources Office

Contoh 2

FROM : The Branch Manager
TO : All Departments
SUBJECT : Evaluation Meeting

I submit this memo as information for all departments.

To evaluate our work performance, we will hold the evaluation meeting on:

Date : June 7th, 2015
Hours : 08:00 am
Place : Auditorium of Nasabah Bank

This meeting will be discussed and focused on several points following:

*Credit Sales
*Monthly report
*Planning to hold marketing events
*Employee evaluation

Warm regard,

The Branch Manager of Nasabah Bank

Contoh 3

FROM : Headmaster
TO : Head of English Teacher
SUBJECT : English Competition

I submit this memo as information for the Head fo English Teacher.

To help our students in facing the National English Competition, please conduct a training on:

Date : June 9th-19th, 2015
Hours : 08:00 am until 03.00 pm
Place  : English Club Room

This training should focus on several points following:

• Debate
• News Casting
• Story telling
• Speech
• Scrabble
• Spelling Bee
• Wall Magazine
• Quick and Smart

Best regard,

The Headmaster

Contoh 4

FROM : Headmaster
TO : All teachers
SUBJECT : Meeting for the students’ farewell event preparation

I submit this memo as information for the All Teachers.

To hold the students’ farewell event, we have to conduct a meeting of the preparation on:

Date : June 16th, 2015
Hours : 09.00 am until 11.00 am
Place  : The meeting room

This meeting will be focus on several points following:

• The schedule of the event
• The rundown of the event
• The committee of the event
• The performers in the event

Warm regard,

The Headmaster

Informal Memo

Contoh 1

To: Fira
From: Pita

May, when we will go out together? I will be free on Saturday and Monday. Let me know if you are free, too. Don’t forget to finish your project and work before the end of this month.

Contoh 2

To: Gita
From: Genta

Gita, I have called you several times but you did not answer it. Please call me back tonight because I have many things to discuss with you about our work and event. Thanks in advanced.

Contoh 3

To: Kiki
From: Mother

Kiki, please cook some foods for your father if you already arrive at home. All of the materials are in the refrigerator. Take it carefully. I go to grandma’s house. She said that she is not feeling well, I accompany her. Call me if you have any question.

Contoh 4

To: Faqih
From: Joko

Faqih, I want to borrow your Harry Potter book. Are you at home this afternoon? I will come to your home. I will also bring my new toys. Let’s play together.