Contoh Narrative Text Terbaru Untuk Siswa SMP (Junior High School)

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Contoh Narrative Text Terbaru Untuk Siswa SMP (Junior High School) – Bawang merah dan bawang putih merupakan sebuah cerita legendaris yang terus menerus diceritakan kepada banyak orang. Nah, di segmen narrative text berikut, Anda akan kami suguhkan sebuah cerita menarik mengenai bawang merah dan bawang putih.

Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih

Once upon a time, there lived a family which consisted of father, mother, and a beautiful daughter named Bawang Putih. They were a happy family. Even though the father was only an ordinary merchant, they could live harmoniously and peacefully.

One day, the mother was sick acutely and eventually passed away. Bawang Putih and her father were so sad.

In that village, there also lived a widow and her daughter named, Bawang Merah. Since Bawang Putih’s mother passed away, Bawang Merah’s mother often visited Bawang Putih’s house. She often helped her to clean the house andbrought foods for Bawang Putih, or even only accompany Bawang Putih and her father to chat. Eventually, the father thought that it might be better if he married to Bawang Merah in order Bawang Putih didn’t feel lonely anymore. So that, Bawang Putih’s father married to Bawang Merah’s mother. However, day by day, the real character’s of Bawang Merah and her mother showed out. At the beginning, they were very kind, then they became mean and often got angry with Bawang Putih and gave her heavy work when her father went to work. She had to do all of the chores, meanwhile they only sat and saw Bawang Putih. Certainly, her father didn’t know that because Bawang Putih never told it.

One day, Bawang Putih’s Father was sick and then passed away. Since that day, Bawang Merah and her mother treated Bawang Putih more badly. She almost never took a rest. She had to wake up at dawn and prepared water for Bawang Merah and her mother to bath. Then, she had to feed pet, water the garden, wash clothes, and many others housework. Nevertheless, Bawang Putih always did all of the work happily because she hoped one day her step mother would love her like like her own daughter.

One morning, Bawang Putih brought her clothes bascket to wash to the river as usual. She was singing while she was walking through the edge of small forest. That day was bright. Bawang Putih immediately washed all of the dirty clothes. But, Bawang Putih didn’t realize that one of the clothes was brought by the torrent of water. Unfortunately, the cloth was her step mother’s. When she realized it, she tried to look for it along the river. But, she couldn’t find it. Hopelessly, she went back to home and told it to her step mother. Her step mother was very angry and told Bawang Putih to find it no matter what.

Bawang Putih immediately went through along the river again. Then, Bawang Putih saw a shepherd who was cleaning his buffalo. Said that he saw the cloth but Bawang Putih should chase it soon if she didn’t want to miss it again. She tried to chase it but until night, she started to give up. She saw a hut on the riverbank. She came to the hut and knocked it. Then a grandmother came out. Bawang Putih asked whether she saw her step mother’s cloth or not. Fortunately, she saw it and took it. She said that she liked that cloth. But, Bawang Putih should accompany her for a week in her hut because she felt lonely.

For a week, Bawang Putih had lived with that grandmother. Everyday, she helped her to clean the hut. Certainly the grandmother felt happy. Finally, she gave her step mother’s cloth and a big yellow pumpkin. After that, Bawang Putih went home.

When she arrived at home, Bawang Putih gave the cloth and then she went to the kitchen to see the yellow pumpkin. She was so surprised when she sliced it. There were so many gold jewelleries in the pumpkin. Seeing that pumpkin, Bawang Merah and her mother compelled Bawang Putih to tell where she could get it and she told the story.

Listening to her story, they planned to do the same thing as Bawang Putih did. But this time, Bawang Merah who would do it. However, Bawang Merah was not like Bawang Putih. She was lazy and never did the housework well. After a week, the grandmother let her go home. But, Bawang Merah didn’t get the pumpkin so that she asked the grandmother to give her. Feeling forced, eventually, the grandmother gave her the big pumpkin and Bawang Merah immediately went home.

When she arrived at home, Bawang Merah met her mother and happily showed the pumpkin. Because she was afraid that Bawang Putih would asked some parts of the pumpkin, they asked Bawang Putih to go to the river. Impatiently, they opened the pumpkin. Instead of gold jewelleries, there were many poisonous animal came from the pumpkin. Those animals directly attacked them and they finally died. That was the return for people who were greedy.