Contoh Paragraf Narasi, Argumentasi, Eksposisi, dan Deskripsi dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Contoh Paragraf Narasi, Argumentasi, Eksposisi, dan Deskripsi dalam Bahasa Inggris – Berikut ini, terdapat contoh paragraf lengkap yang terdiri dari paragraf narasi, kemudian ada pula argumentasi, hingga paragraf deskripsi.

Contoh Paragraf Narasi

When I was on the way to school, I saw Budi who was walking very fast. He looks as if pursued something, although it was still in the early morning. Feeling curious, I followed him from behind. But I was so surprised because Budi did not go to school. I also felt suspicious because of his behavior. Then I called him, and sure enough Budi face looked very nervous and frightened. Then, I knew that he wanted to be absent from school, fortunately, I advised him and he canceled that bad plan.

Contoh Paragraf Argumentasi

The next step after having graduated from high school is continuing to the University level. There you will select a major that having a positive relationship with your talent. You need to be underline this part. You have to know that choosing a study or major in the university is not easy as you think. Consider many parts very seriously so you won’t be wrong in choosing your own department. Choose a department that having an accordance with the interests and talents of you, because if you are wrong in taking the majors, your life in the university will be very difficult. In addition, choose a major that has a bright prospect. If choosing a good prospect department, then you will have no trouble in finding a job after graduation.

Contoh Paragraf Eksposisi

Milk is a drink that is very beneficial for the body. This is because, milk contains many vitamins and minerals that are very useful. The nutrition of the most widely in milk is calcium, the substance that makes our body and bones become stronger and grow higher. In addition to calcium, milk also contains protein. Protein is needed for building cells in the body. Last, milk also has fat that will be used as an energy source in the body. Therefore, drinking milk is very good for our bodies.

Contoh Paragraf Deskripsi

Where I live is not quite big. My home has only an area of ​​about 68 m2. With that area, I only have three bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen. The main bedroom is located next to the guest room. While the others are near the family room. Furthermore, I have small kitchen; it is only about 10 m2. In the middle of my kitchen, there is a dining table made of wood. Last, our bathroom is also not very comfortable, because as the other room, it is not wide enough. The bathroom is located next to the kitchen.