4 Contoh Resep Kue dalam Bahasa Inggris

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4 Contoh Resep Kue dalam Bahasa Inggris – Mau coba buat resep kue dalam bahasa Inggris? Mungkin keempat contoh berikut bisa membantu Anda.

1. Banana Cake


200 gram (300ml) Flour
4 eggs
100 ml sugar
75 ml oil
2-3bananas (smoothed)
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon ovalet


1. Mix eggs with high speed, then add sugar and ovalet. Mix it until it is smooth for about 10 minutes.

2. Add oil, flour, and salt little by little in turn, and then add bananas. Add those ingredients until it is mixed well.

3. Pour the dough into a baking pan which has been smeared with butter and flour.

4. Bake in  200˚C temperature for about 25 minutes.

2. Milk Cake


100 ml milk
50 ml oil
150 gram sugar
4 eggs
200 gram flour
1/2 teaspoon SP
2 tablespoon chocolate paste
1 drop pandanus paste
Chocolate mesis


1. Beat the eggs, SP and sugar until interleaved and the colour is pale by using mixer.

2. Decrease the mixer speed. Add flour, milk, and oil.

3. Divide the dough into three parts.

4. The first dough is given pandanus paste, the second dough is given chocolate paste, and the third dough is let white then sprinkle chocolate mesis.

5. Prepare a baking pan which has been smeared with butter and flour. Heat the baking pan onto the stove.

6. Pour the chocolate dough and steam it for 10 minutes. Then, pour the white dough and steam it for 10 minutes. After that, pour the pandanus dough and steam it for 20 minutes.

7. After it is not hot anymore, serve it.

3. Kastangels


200 gram butter
100 gram margarine
200 gram cheese
3 eggs
550 gram flour
2 yolks
100 gram cheese


1. Mix butter, margarine, eggs until it becomes white dough, add cheese, and flour.

2. Knead it until all of the ingredients are mixed well. If the dough is not sticky on our hands, take it a handful and put it onto the table. Pour a little flour, and roll the dough until the thickness is 1 cm.

3. make horizontal lines and make vertical lines over the horizontal lines. Make square until the dough is out. Arrange it tidily on the baking pan which has been smeared with butter and flour.

4. Smear the dough with yolk and sprinkle cheese on it.

5. Put it into the oven and bake it for about 25 minutes with little fire.

6. Arrange it tidily into the jar and shut it well.

4. Red Velvet Bull


550 gram flour
200 gram Margarine
50 gram butter.
50 gram eggs
125 gram smooth sugar
125 gram White cooking chocolate, melt it out.
100 gram cashews
150 gram
10 gram red colour paste


1. Stir margarine, butter, and sooth sugar using mixer with medium speed.

2. Add eggs and flour.

3. Stir all of the ingredients until they are mixed well. Knead it and give red colour paste about 2 tablespoon. Then, shape it becomes circle and put the cashew on it. After that, put it on the baking pan.

4. Bake the dough in the oven for about 30 minutes, then cool it down.

5. Dye it in the white chocolate. Serve it and put it into the jar. Shut it well.