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Contoh Recount Text Going to The Zoo – Pengalaman yang menarik ketika Anda berkunjung ke kebun binatang, bisa Anda tulis ke dalam sebuah artikel, seperti yang ada pada artikel berikut ini.

Going to Taman Safari and Ragunan Zoo

This holiday, I decided to go to the zoos. My family and I would visit Taman Safari and Ragunan Zoo. I want to see many animals lived like in their habitats. Seeing the forest with its free life made me feel like someone who was lost in the forest. That was the real sensation that I looked for. The visitors of Taman Safari were very crowded in this holiday. In my opinion, the entry ticket here was affordable because the price I paid worth it with what I got.

After paying the entry ticket, I immediately went in the Taman Safari area by car. Actually, Taman Safari also offered night tour. However, I had already been here and so excited and impatient to see the world of animals and its atmosphere in the Taman Safari.

When I went in the Taman Safari, there were many cars queued to see and enjoy the scenery of nature and the animals. The collections of animal in Taman Safari were many, such as elephant, zebra, bears, and many other animals that lived freely.

In Taman Safari, there were a lot of interesting spots. But, I didn’t try all of them because of the limitation of time. Here, we could also try to play water bicycle and circus.

One of interesting attractions was Wild-Wild West which is located in the particular area and setting like in the cowboy world. This attraction was quite exciting because I saw how the real cowboy looked like. Even, there was shooting and running scene in this attraction. It’s guaranteed that having holiday in Taman Safari was really exciting.

After going to the Taman Safari, my family and I visited Ragunan zoo. A little information about Ragunan zoo was it was the first zoo in Indonesia which was established in 1864 and now it has 295 species of animal.

There were some challenges to walk around Ragunan Zoo. This zoo was big (around 140 ha). So, to walk around, we would tired if we only do it by feet. I had ever visited Ragunan before and car was allowed to go through at that time. That was nicest way to look around Ragunan, but that was a very rare chance.

Today, we entered Ragunan through the front gate, and at the left corner, there was bicycle rent service. The cost was only IDR 15,000/hour. To rent the bicycle we had to show our identity card.

Riding bicycle in Ragunan was quite fun, the atmosphere of the zoo was lush. There were so many animals. It could make my mind fresh. I was also satisfied to see the cage of elephant and deer near there. My family and I were so happy today. We had visited two zoos in a day. Finally we went home at 5 p.m. Ragunan was still became the favourite place to visit by Jakarta residence because the entry ticket was affordable and the service was good. Taman Safari was also a great destination to have vacation with family.