Contoh Narrative Text Crocodile and Monkey Terbaru

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Contoh Narrative Text Crocodile and Monkey Terbaru – Mau baca bagaimana cerita buaya dan monyet dalam bahasa Inggris? Yuk kita baca cerita berikut.

Crocodile and Monkey

Long time ago, there was a monkey which lived on a guava tree near the riverbank. During summer season, the guava tree would be full of ripe and sweet guava fruit. The monkey took advantage by having party with the fruits.

One day, a crocodile was walking around the guava tree. He saw the monkey was sitting on the branch of the tree.

“Hey, Monkey, would you like to give me some guava fruits? I am hungry.” The crocodile asked.

The monkey was very kind. Then, he took some ripe guava fruits and gave it to the crocodile.

“It is so delicious.” The crocodile said. He ate all the guava fruits quickly.

“Would you mind giving me some more guava fruits? I want to carry it for my wife at home.” The crocodile asked again.

“Oh, sure, my friend. I hope your wife will also be happy enjoying these fruits.” Then the monkey gave more guava fruits to the crocodile.

After that day, the crocodile met the monkey everyday. They became best friends. They always ate guava fruits together. The crocodile always brought some fruits when he went home. The crocodile’s wife was happy about that.

One day, the crocodile’s wife said that she wanted to eat the monkey’s meat. The crocodile was shocked.

“How could you think about that? That monkey is my bestfriend.” The crocodile said.

”I don’t care. I want to eat the monkey’s meat for my dinner. Think about the away and bring it home.” The crocodile’s wife said.

“That’s impossible. I don’t want to kill my best friend.” The crocodile answered firmly.

Day by day, the crocodile’s wife became more curious to eat the monkey’s meat. Meanwhile her husband didn’t want to betray his friendship with the monkey.

At last, the crocodile’s wife planned something. She laid on and pretended as if she was sick.

“What happened with you?” the crocodile shouted.

“I am sick. I feel like dying.” The crocodiles’ wife answered.

“Oh NOOO! I will not let you die tell me what I can do to save your life?” the crocodile asked.

“There is only a way to save my life.”

”Tell me what that is”

“If you can bring the heart of monkey, I will be fine then.”

”But, how can I do that? That monkey is the only one best friend that I have.” How can I hurt him?” The crocodile said sadly.

“If that’s so, just let me die.” The crocodile’s wife cried.

“Oh honey, I will not let you die. Now, I go and bring the monkey home.”

Then, the crocodile went to see the monkey.

“Happy to see you again. Do you want some guava fruits?” the monkey asked.

”No, monkey. Today we don’t need your guava fruits.” The crocodile said.

“Why? Aren’t you hungry today?”

“Monkey, today my wife and I invite to have lunch together. She is really thankful to you. Then, she cooks special lunch for you.”

”Oh, How kind you are! I will be very happy to have lunch together with you two.”

”Come on, get on my back. I will bring you quickly to my home.”

However, when they arrived on the middle of the river, the crocodile suddenly stripped in the air. The monkey was scared. He shouted to stop the crocodile.

”Why are you doing this?” he monkey asked

“This is what I want. I want you fallen.” The crocodile said.

“What? You want to kill me?”

“Yes. My wife is sick and she will get better if she east you heart.”

“Why didn’t you tell me before we went? I always leave my heart in the guava tree.”

“So now you heart is not in your body?”

The monkey shook his head.

“It means that we have to go back to take your heart?”

”Yeah. Let’s go before your wife become worse.”

They went back quickly to the guava tree.

“Why do you so long in taking your heart? Have you found it?” the crocodile asked.

“My heart is safe, the stupid monkey. Go home and say to your bloody wife to overthrow her desire to eat monkey’s heart.” The monkey laughed.

“What??? So, you tricked me?” the crocodile was shocked.

“Your wife also tricked you. She just pretended that she is sick. You fulfil all of you wife’s wants but you don’t consider our friendship.” The monkey answered.

“Oh monkey, I regret it.”

” Well, just go home. We have different world.”

“I am sorry monkey, my best friend. I have made you disappointed.” The crocodile begged the monkey’s forgiveness.

“Go home.” The monkey said.