Contoh Essay Bahasa Inggris Tentang Pendidikan (Ulasan Mengenai Sekolah Gratis)

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Contoh Essay Bahasa Inggris Tentang Pendidikan (Ulasan Mengenai Sekolah Gratis) – Bagaimana pendapatmu mengenai sekolah gratis? Jika kamu mempunyai pendapat baik itu positif maupun negatif, kamu bisa menuangkannya melalui bentuk tulisan seperti yang sudah saya buat di bawah ini.

Free School

Advertising about free school on the TV implies that schools are indeed for all people. It does not look that a child is rich or poor, comes from the town or village, not distinguish male or female, and the other status dichotomy. Certainly, all Indonesian Citizens wish what is presented by the ad comes true. The cost for children’s school can be used for other living expenses which are getting more expensive day by day.

In fact, the emotional situation presented in the advertising is different from the reality in the field. Its emotional situation turns into a situation of anger and distrusts. There are schools that the fee is really free (they do not collect money), but in the other hand there is very expensive school, it hides behind the school status. A claim for the status is common to be a tool and alibi to attract expensive financing.

Many schools (with good reputation or favourite schools in its region) open the registration before the official registration time, with the expensive cost as well. The system is like buying fancy goods in indent way. Who can register are only rich people. Even there are schools that receive registration in the middle of the school year. Surprisingly, those practices do not get any warning from the related offices and departments.

Most of parents assume that “free” means school without paying anything. The assumption is natural because most of parents have adopted thought from the advertising of free school which is campaigned on TV, especially when it is near General Election. It is broadcasted by several big parties in this country. Even, many parents complain when they are asked for the charge for procurement of books or other learning source although those things will belong to their kids, too.

The gap between what we see in the advertisement and the reality is caused by incomplete information broadcasted. This misperception has a potential of problems to the citizens’ point of view about education. The word “free” should be elaborated so it will not lead to misconception about free school, whether it is free registration, free fee, free infrastructure payment, or free development cost? All should be explained clearly and detailed.

Free school anomaly will be more severe if the education practitioners and teachers are willing to accept this policy. Do not let teachers become capitalist with LKS business or other goods to the students because the program of free school cut back their income from school, outside official salary.

Free school anomaly will continue if the government do not control the implementation of law of the legal education agency tightly and give insight to organisers of education. Not only that, free school mechanism must be informed clearly and there is a punishment for the organizer who breaks the rule. If this has been done and running well, then we can say that free school is not a dream. That is a reality in our life. Schools are indeed for all people.