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Rice Field is The Source of Living

My hometown is located in Lampung. Most of people work as farmer and there are 4 kinds of field, rice field, corn field, cassava field, and coconut field. Rice field is the biggest of all and many professions depend on it. They make it as their source of living. Because of the following reasons, Rice field is the source of living for 2 kinds of professions.

Rice field is the source of living for the owners. First, it provides the jobs. In my hometown, there are some owners who don’t want to pay the worker in keeping their rice field because of decreasing their income. They work every day to keep and to manage theirs. They work since the rice was planted and they were helped by their family. After the planting season is over, they do their daily work. They make many dolls which are similar with human to frighten the birds which will eat their rice. They must keep it in daytime to make sure that there is no disturbing. Besides that, In 1 until 3 times they spray by pesticide to kill the disease especially slugs. Furthermore, when the harvest moon is coming, they must work more hard. They must harvest the rice and separate between the rice and its stalk. After that, they move their rice to be saved in the home temporary and they are going to grind it. In this time, they will rent workers to help them at least three weeks. The other useful is rice field being a place for cultivation of fish. The fish which will be cultivated is Lele fish or Eel fish. The reasons are these fishes easy to cultivate and it doesn’t need clean water like the others. In addition, they don’t have to give the food and the harvesting is fast. They make the pond combining with their field rice; it doesn’t waste the place. They restrict the pond by implanting many splits of bamboo in the edge of field; it needed to make the fish don’t escape to the another rice field, especially for the Eel fish. After that, they start plant the rice while put the germ of fish into the pond or the field. So, the spreading of fish is done in the same time when planting rice. The fishes harvesting also do in the same time when the harvesting of rice. Rice field is the source of living for the owners because of those ideas. It gives job opportunity for the owners who don’t want to pay the workers and can be a place for cultivation of fish.

Rice field is the source of living for workers. First, it provides jobs for them. Workers are people who are paid by the owner to keep the rice field until harvest moon. One owner will pay one worker to keep the rice field and that worker will be helped by his or her family in working every day. The jobs are the same with the previous paragraph which was done by the owner. They have to keep and manage every day by spraying the disease and making the dolls to frighten the bird. In the harvest moon, they won’t be helped by the owner. They will be helped by their family but not other workers although it makes them work really hard to minimize the cost. When they have done and get the rice, they will be paid by the owner. They will get the money, the rice or the part of land, depending on the deal at the beginning. In my hometown, they get the rice which is about a quarter of all and it will be consumed or will be sold. Second, rice field can be a place for fish cultivation and other plants cultivation for them.

The way to cultivate it is the same with the explanation before and this project is separated. In the fish harvesting they won’t share the result with the owner. The owner permits to cultivate the fish and the worker should not share it, because that is their creativity to get the income. Rice field has the small area in the side and this area is located above. It can’t be used because there is no water there. Worker uses it to cultivate many kinds of plants, such as cassava, corn, chili, and ginger. They cultivate it only one or two kinds of plants to maximize the result. The result will be sold in the market, especially for chili and ginger. The owner also permits them to do that without sharing with them. So, the reasons that rice field is the source of living for workers or people who are paid by the owner are providing jobs for them and providing the area to cultivate the fish and to cultivate another plant.

The paragraphs above explain us how rice field can be the source of living for many people in my village. The owners who do not want to pay the worker will use it as their job. They work every day to spray the diseases and to keep from the bird disturbing.  Besides that, they use their rice field as a place of fish cultivation. The other people who work as the workers also take the advantages from rice field. They care the rice field every day and use it as the fish cultivation. Furthermore, they use the empty area of the rice field for planting the spices plants.

Two Problems after Tsunami

There are two big causes of the problems which appeared after the tsunami wave in Aceh. First, many people lost their family after the wave. It made them hopeless and they felt that they would be hard to continue their life without their family. They didn’t have time enough to save their family, because tsunami came too fast. They were so confuse and they only thought about how to save themselves. It happened because there was not a warning about the arrival of tsunami. The hopeless needed hard effort and very long time to convince them that they could continue their life and could be a success one. The role of the psychiatrists in the disaster area was really needed.

They had to be patient and to be consistent in returning the spirit of the victims. The other problems were caused by the destruction almost all of the society’s house, school, hospital, tabernacle, company, and infrastructure facility. It made difficult to do their activity; they had no a house and they could not communicate with their family which was really worried about the condition. Furthermore, there were many people lost their jobs and their educations which were really needed for them to support their life. They had to wait for the rebuild which would be taken in a long time and their life would be supported by the donation of government for a while. These problems should be faced with the resolute and the victims should work hard with never giving up in building their bright future.

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