30 Contoh Slogan Bahasa Inggris Tentang Lingkungan Hidup

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30 Contoh Slogan Bahasa Inggris Tentang Lingkungan Hidup – Mari kita giatkan kampanye lingungan hidup melalui slogan-slogan di bawah ini.

1. Save our plant to save the world.
2. Join us to make the world becomes a better place.
3. Save the environment starting from your own action.
4. It is our earth, it is precious.
5. Because saving the planet is saving ourselves.
6. One world, one single life, and one chance to keep.
7. Clean and green are the most beautiful dream we have.
8. Water is a source of life.
9. Do not throw garbage on the street because we have spent a lot of money to make rubbish bin in all over the world.
10. Throwing litter makes a mess on our earth.
11. Keep it green, keep it clean and enjoy its beauty.
12. The Lord has given a green environment, let’s keep it together!
13. We need earth more than the earth needs us.
14. We are the creator of solution, not a pollution.
15. Care about the environment as we love ourselves.

16. Plant a tree and you’ll save thousands of human.
17. One goal, one challenge, one last chance to save the earth.
18. Clean the environment today, and get a fresh air tomorrow.
19. Caring for the environment, caring for others and ourselves.
20. Clean! Don’t pollute!
21. Care for the environment today for a better life tomorrow.
22. A green environment produces a better life.
23. Good environment is a sign of a cleanliness of mind.
24. Keep your environment clean for a healthy life.
25. Keep healthy and happy.
26. Keep planting then you’ll see your earth longer.
27. Being proactive to the environment, being productive to our health.
28. Plant a tree, make a million benefits.
29. The trash raises thousands problem.
30. Healthy living begins with a healthy single action.