English Conversation Between Bank Manager and Customer

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English Conversation Between Bank Manager and Customer – Manajer bank dengan nasabah selalu mempunyai percakapan atau transaksi. Seperti pada contoh berikut ini.

Bank Manager : Good morning miss. What can I do for you? May I help the transaction?

Customer : Yes sir. I want to take car credit, but I still confuse about the credit system. Could you explain that sir?

Bank Manager : Okay we have two credit systems. The first credit system is Gold, the second system is silver. The gold system you have to pay Rp. 50.000.000 for the first payment, and the credit will run along three years with, Rp 5.000.000 for the month Payment. The silver system you have to pay Rp.35.000.000 for the first payment and the credit will run along five years with RP. 6.000.000 for the month payment.

Customer : I heard that there is another system so the customer can pay the first payment only Rp 25.000.000. Is it right sir?

Bank Manager : That is right. You have to be a customer at least ten years or you have family that had been a customer for ten years.  Those are the requirement for that credit system.

Customer : So I can use my father’s bank account to get that credit system sir?

Bank Manager : That is right. May I know you father’s name? I will find his bank account identity.

Customer : Yes sir. My father’s name is Rio Dewanto.

Bank Manager : Rio Dewanto born in Lampung 5 January 1991, He is a lecturer and He is live at Garuda Street Number 4 Sukabumi Lampung. Is that right?

Customer : Yes sir that is right.  When can I start the credit sir?

Bank Manager : I will apply you as the credit customer. But you have to complete the administration, you must give the identity letter of you father. You can come here tomorrow.

Customer : Okay thank you sir for the information. I will come here again tomorrow. Good morning sir.

Bank Manager : Yes, you are welcome. Good morning. Don’t forget to bring all of requirement.

The next day….

Customer : Excuse me sir. I am the customer that would apply a system credit yesterday.

Bank Manager : Yes I remember that. Have you bring all of requirement?

Customer : Yes sir. This is all of the requirement and my father’s latter identity. Here it is sir.

Bank Manager : Ok thank you. Let me apply you account first. Just wait a moment.

Customer : All right sir.

Bank Manager : Okay I have applied your bank account. Now you become the customer that take credit system. Now you have to pay the first payment.

Customer : Okay sir, this is RP.25.000.000 for you sir.

Bank Manager : Okay thank you. You can take your car tomorrow. Our employee will accompany you to take it. All of the car license will be managed by our employee also. You can start the moth payment start from next month. Thank you for the nice transaction and good morning.

Customer : Yes you are welcome and good morning sir.