50 Contoh Kalimat Suggestion dalam Bahasa Inggris Terlengkap

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50 Contoh Kalimat Suggestion dalam Bahasa Inggris – Jika Anda ingin memberikan sebuah suggestion atau saran kepada orang lain, maka Anda bisa menggunakan referensi berikut ini.

1. Let’s try to keep our meeting effective.
2. Let’s go to the park and have picnic.
3. Let’s get some fun things and happiness for tonight.
4. Shall I bake a cheesecake for you?
5. Shall we watch the movies today?
6. What time shall we go home?
7. Where shall I put your clothes?
8. Why don’t you sit down and relax for awhile? It must be tiring day for you.
9. Why don’t you stop at the grocery shop before you visit my home? We need to cook something.
10. Why doesn’t your girlfriend call you tonight?
11. We could meet our family and go to the cinema for dating.
12. She could go to a course to improve her sewing skill.
13. You could think about it once more.
14. It would be great to have a vacation in holiday.
15. It would be nice to have some coffee with your boyfriend.
16. We should attend the wedding party on time.
17. You should drink warm water for your stomach-ache.
18. I think you should wear the red dress.
19. I don’t think you should buy a new car.
20. Let’s go sleeping before we get cold.
21. Why don’t we go jogging on Sunday?
22. Why don’t you come with me to Jakarta?
23. Why don’t we go to Grand Indonesia Mall?
24. Let’s eat some pizzas. What do you think?
25. How about cooking fish soup?

26. I’d like to see a jazz concert. How about you?
27. Why not sing and dance to have fun?
28. It would be great to go to the beach.
29. Let’s stay home instead. We have to take a rest.
30. Why don’t we have a walk to the market? It is near from here.
31. Why don’t you come over around six this evening? I need to finish my work first.
32. Why don’t you give your mother a pair of shoes in her birthday?
33. Shall I open the door? Is that okay with you all?
34. Shall we go home at four in the afternoon? Is that okay?
35. Let’s go to the post office to send the packet, shall we?
36. Let’s see “Too Fast Too Furious 7”.
37. Why don’t you do sport once a week to keep your body healthy?
38. Shall we eat this much in the evening?
39. What about going to the hospital?
40. Wouldn’t you like to take your jacket in the laundry?
41. You had better see a doctor
42. You ought to drink some vitamins.
43. You should work harder if you want to be get much more money.
44. We could go to the rest area if you are tired driving.
45. Maybe you could find a private teacher to help you in learning English.
46. What about editing our writing tonight?
47. How about making a charity event?
48. Why don’t you hang out with your friends to release your stress?
49. Couldn’t we invite them to our party?
50. Shall we have a talk about our business?