5 Text Descriptive Terbaru dan Super Lengkap

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Cara mudah belajar bahasa Inggris – Kali ini, ada contoh text descriptive terbaru yang sangat lengkap dan mempunyai tingkat diksi yang baik. Total contoh teks yang ada berjumlah 6 teks dan siap memberikan kelengkapan contoh kepada Anda. Setelah sebelumnya kita membahas mengenai teks deskripsi yang singkat dan benar-benar terstruktur, saat ini ada contoh-contoh teks yang begitu panjang dan mempunyai variasi deskripsi pada setiap teks.

Pada teks pertama, ada sebuah deskripsi singkat mengenai aktivitas seorang siswi sekolah bernama Susan. Pada teks yang kedua, Anda akan menemukan sebuah deskripsi mengenai efek positif dari rutinitas bagun di awal waktu atau bangun di pagi hari. Pada teks selanjutnya kita akan membahas mengenai text descriptive yang berkaitan dengan fungsi compromise atau kompromi. Keempat, ada sebuah teks deskripsi yang akan memberikan penjelasan tentang manfaat sawah pada sebuah desa.

Ada lagi teks kelima atau teks terakhir yang akan memberikan penjelasan mengenai efek Tsunami di Aceh. Silakan Anda lihat secara lengkap kumpulan text descriptive terbaru ini.

Susan’s Activites

Susan is a diligent student. First, at home she starts his day by studying at 4.00 am. She thinks that studying at that time making her getting the idea of the lesson. Second, she never comes late to school. She arrives to school 15 minutes before the class begins. Susan follows her class with much appreciates. She always asking without hesitates to her teacher and she is always happy if given tasks.  At the rest time, Susan spend her time not to chat with her friends too much. She prefers to study over again to make sure that she doesn’t forget about the material. The student goes home at 3.00 pm. When the other students go home, Susan doesn’t. She stops in the library which is near from the school. She borrows the book and sometimes she also read the books there. She sometimes read for a good book that is thin; so it not spends many times for reading. Third, Susan always studies in the night. She does her homework which was given in the school.

The good effects of getting up in early morning

Getting up in the morning is a good thing and many people do this. They usually use an alarm to make them getting up, but this is not a habit because they do this with many reason that encourage them. There are many reasons why they do it, such as for school, appointment, or work, but when they do it, getting up in the early morning gives them many good effects. They often don’t realize that because the power of reason make them don’t think about it. They just get up and do that reason. There are many good effects that we can get because of getting up in the early morning.

The first good effect in getting up early is finishing the task on time. Many people doesn’t have much time to do their task in the night because many reasons, some of them feel tired and there are many activities that have to do. So, getting up in the morning gives you much time and a good feeling to finish your task. You can get up in 2.00 am and start doing the task. The peace and the quietness will guide you to have a good finishing task. There are some people or the sound of vehicle like in the afternoon and in the night. You will more concentrate to finish your task and usually your task will be better than you do it in the other time. Besides it, when we have a deadline task and we have to submit it in that day, getting up in the morning will really help you. Of course you just have a little time to finish your task. I believe that our task will finish on time. Because when you are given a little time, it makes you think so hard and finally you can finish your task on time. That’s like a law, when people are given a little time to do the task they will become a great people who can find the good idea and can finish it, but of course, finishing your task because of getting out in the morning.

Getting up early also makes us will have much time to do sport such as jogging and cycling. I have heard that a Chinese believe going out home in early morning will make the positive feeling of the earth will get into your mind. But we usually don’t want to get up early and to do a sport outside. They have overworking in the night so, they can’t get out early. Sports in the morning will improve your mood and energy during the next few hours. This condition helps people to be better prepared to face the challenges of work or facing any kind during the day. Exercise at night will make the body temperature rises and can disrupt sleep. Exercise you do in the morning (before going to work) is more appropriate for the body which has a daily routine. Because if you do exercise after your daily routine, then the actual energy in your body just the remnants of your daily routine activities.

Most people will go to the gym or fitness center during the evening or during the day so with a lot of people sometimes make a person standing in line to use the existing sports equipment. In the morning, you do not need to wait if you want to use the equipment and exercise would be more effective.

As a moslem we have to do subuh pray, it’s about day break time. It has many extraordinary useful and excellence for every people who do it consistently. Although just two prostrations, subuh pray saves many great secrets from the spiritual side, the healthy and the successful life. Our prophet Muhammad said that subuh pray is better that the world and its contents. From the spiritual side, subuh pray has many excellence, such as, saving our life from the god punishment, get a profit which same as pilgrimage, freed from the hell, avoided from hypocrisy, and get the protection from the God. Our prophet also commands us to get up early and do the subuh prayer because that is the most exalted thing. From the healthy side, getting up to do subuh pray can normalize our nerve and brain performance because the ozone of O3 is very high and really help us to increase our mind performance. It also decreases blockage of blood vessels and heart attack. Furthermore, we are forbidden going back to sleep and we are really suggested to start our activities or reading Al-Quran.

Getting up in early morning gives us many advantages that I described above. We can finish our task, because the quietness and the peace that given in early morning make us more concentrate to do the task. Second, we can do a sport to improve our energy and to make us be ready to face many kinds of problem during the day. The last, as a moslem, we must do the subuh pray which is really useful for our life.