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Benefits of Compromise

People face many problems in situations of their life with the others and there are three ideas to fix those. First, they have to obey the other one because their opinion isn’t agreed or they have to obey without any comment or an idea to make their opinion to be right. The second statement usually happens when they face the people who are stronger. In that condition, they feel restrained or lose and usually don’t agree with that solution. Second, they win the opinion debate; so their opponent feels to be forced to agree with the opinion. This solution also makes people who are forced becoming restrained. Third, they can use compromise as their solution. It is the win-win solution, because compromise is the solution that really considers both opinions and we can use it in our daily life. In many situations of our life, compromise is necessary.

People who are in the buying and selling situation will need compromise as their solution. When people want to buy something in the market, they often meet the price that doesn’t appropriate with their want. In this situation, they have to negotiate with the seller to find the right price. Sellers want to sell theirs in the high price and the consumers want to get it in the low price. Their compromise is an agreement in the middle of price, so both of them won’t be loss. Besides the price, they usually argue about the quantity of the goods. When the consumers want to buy a bowl of meatball, they usually want the seller to add the broth, monosodium glutamate, or the salt more. Compromise is also necessary in this situation because sometimes the sellers don’t agree about it. Of course they don’t want to be loss, but they have to consider the consumer’s order. The good solution is adding all of the order but just a little. Those daily situations above tell us how can be compromise used to fix our problems.

Buying and selling only one of the situations that need a compromise. It is also needed for a couple who want to get wedding celebration. As a married couple candidate, they argue many problems like the money, the wedding dress design, and the invitation design. Most of the couples in wedding will have a problem in managing their money. They have to ensure that it will be enough for all necessities but it isn’t usually enough when the calculation has been done; so they have to make some compromise that there are necessities which should be prioritized. Besides that, designing the wedding dress is also needed compromise. For the example, one of them suggests that the wedding dress design should be in one theme that is a modern design, without a traditional dress of course. But, the other one suggests that their wedding dress should be filled by traditional design. To make a fair agenda, they find the compromise that in the daytime they have to use a modern design and in the night, they have to use a traditional design.

Not only in designing of wedding dress but also in designing invitation letters as a trifling thing, many couples have to compromise it. I have ever met a couple which the man as a French teacher and the woman as a Japanese teacher. They argued about the theme of the invitation. The man wanted to have France theme with the Eiffel tower picture on the invitation. He thought that France is the country which is really romantic; so it was suitable with the marriage’s philosophy as a symbol of romantic, but the woman doesn’t agree about that. According to her, Japan is more romantic than France. She suggested making the Sakura flower with the snow as the theme of the invitation. Finally, they found the good way that their theme must include both of the ideas. They designed two cities that have a condition in Paris with the romantic river and the Eiffel tower picture. The other one is the condition in Niigata city with the Sakura flower and the snow covered the houses. They design it as a city with two conditions but separated by a river. They added the bridge in the middle to assume that it was a symbol of uniting two hearts which are really different.

The next situation that need to compromise when an organization handling an event. When an event will be held, all of the divisions have their own task. For example,

Buying and selling, wedding celebration, and the political life in Indonesia show us how compromise is needed. Buying and selling compromise showed us how the seller and the consumer made a deal about the price by taking the middle price. Second, wedding ceremony showed us how the couple made compromises with their money, wedding dress design, and invitation design. Last, political life explained us how a compromise can be taken to make people got their good position in cabinet. But, the important is we can’t force our opinion to make people follow us. We have to consider their necessity and try to find the best way to make their opinion also used; so they absolutely agree with the solution.