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Cara mudah belajar bahasa Inggris – Naskah drama bahasa Inggris tentu saja amat diperlukan dalam praktik berbahasa Inggris itu sendiri. Melalui naskah drama bahasa Inggris, kita mampu mempelajari banyak terutama kemampuan berbicara atau speaking skill. Drama bahasa Inggris, saat ini juga sangat mendukung pembelajaran sebuah bahasa. Jika dahulu kita menemukan drama dalam pembelajaran bahasa Indonesia, kini pendidikan bahasa Inggris juga mengambil drama sebagai salah satu materi yang harus dikuasai.
Kali ini, kami akan mempersembahkan sebuah naskah drama bahasa Inggris yang dibuat oleh mahasiswa pendidikan bahasa Inggris berbakat bernama Restry Putri Wahyuni (follow twitter Restry di @LittleKalalo). Oke, berikut naskah drama hasil karyanya. Selamat membaca dan mementaskannya. 
Contoh naksah drama bahasa Inggris

The Power of Mom 

  1. Maryam: a single parent who live with her three daughters. She works as a servant in Professor fikri house to fund her family. She is kind and lovable.
  2. Professor Fikri: a kind Professor who has two daughters.
  3. Jojo: Maryam’s oldest daughter. She is a sMaryamt and wise girl.
  4. Diah: Maryam’s second daughter. Actually she is adopted child. She is so egoist.
  5. Shinta: Maryam’s youngest daughter. She is cute and lovable.
  6. Tania: Professor’s first daughter. She is cruel but actually a kind person.
  7. Rara: Professor’s second daughter. She is a friendly and kind.
  8. Rasya: a very sick patient.
  9. Mayra: patient’s sister. She loves her sister much and does anything to save her sister live.
  10. Wiwik: a nurse
Maryam, a woman who has three daughters works as a servant in the Professor Fikri ’s family. Maryam has been left by her husband who wanted to Maryam a rich widow ten years ago. She struggles for herself and her daughters. She work very hard to make living and afford her daughters’ education, sometime she works in more than one place . She even does not care about her health that is becoming worst day after day. Finally, she is success to bring one of her daughter to study in the no.1 university in the country and successfully become a doctor. Unfortunately, Maryam passed away when her daughter just got her success.
Scene 1 (Maryam’s house)
In the living room, after having diner, Maryam and her daughter go to living room. Maryam is knitting, sinta is doing homework, while jojo and Diah are playing scrabble.
Shinta : “Mom, do you still remember my friend, Tony?”
Maryam : “Yes, I still remember him. He used to come here and pick you up, didn’t he? Why?”
Shinta : “emmm….. He changes….. I mean….”
Diah : “He is so measureable, what’s a pity!”
Maryam. : “Mom, so… what happened to him?”
Jojo : “Well sometimes this life is unpredictable. Everything can be changed. So does him.”
Sinta : “He…ah….drop out from school because he always absent. He seems like doesn’t care about his life, his education, and his future actually.”
Maryam. : (sigh) “I am sorry to hear that, but my children, you should know that your future is on your own hand. Study hard, reach your dream!”
Diah : “School makes me sick. We spend a lot of money for something can’t guarantee my future 100% perfect.”
Jojo : “What are you talking about?”
Diah : “It happens, Sist… It happens in this country.”
Maryam. : “Enough, daughters. Hm…There are so many people who work hard for their future for getting better future. Daughters, do you know Professor. Fikri?
Shinta : “Your boss? Why”
Maryam. : “hm…ehm… did you think he come from rich family? No dear. He was poor, just like us. Let me tell you about him. He had no parent when he was fifteen. Can you imagine what he felt at that time?”
Diah : “Is this important for us?”
Shinta : (look at Diah) “sssssttttt….”
Jojo : “Di! That is not the way how we talk to our mother.”
(Diah, Shinta, Jojo are silent)
Maryam. : “I think it’s better for you to look at his effort in reaching his dream, getting a better life just like now.”
Jojo : (Try to think what her mother have said)
Diah : (leaving the room without any comment)
Shinta : (just busy with her work)
Scene 2 (in the balcony of Professor’s house)
In the afternoon,as usual, Professor Fikri is reading a newspaper in the balcony. Then, Maryam bring him a cup of tea, just as usual.
Professor. : “Thank you!” (The Professor glances at Maryam) “Are you Ok? You look pale.”
Maryam. : “emmm…I’m ok.”
Professor. : “No, you are no ok. Have a seat please. Let’s have a talk!”
Professor and Maryam are silent)
Professor. : “It has been a long time I don’t see your daughters. Are the OK?“
Maryam. : “yes. They are ok, sir.”
Professor. : “Jojo will have final exam this year, right?”
Maryam. : “Yes, this is her last year in senior high school.”
Professor. : “She studies well, doesn’t she?”
Maryam : “yes. She always becomes the best student in her school.” (smiling. Her face show that she is very proud to jojo)
Professor : “What a great! She must be received in every best university in this country”
Maryam : (she bows her head, then turn to smile surly)
Professor :“What about your husband? Have he contacted you? Is there any news from him?
Maryam. : (silent, she is shocked by Professor’s question)
“Since he left me, ten years ago to marry that rich widow, he never contacts me or his daughter.”
Professor : “I’m really sorry for making you feel uncomfortable!”
Maryam : “that’s ok, Professor. I’m alright.”( Maryam smiles bitterly)
Professor :(give two books to Maryam). “Give thisred book to Jojo and the green one to Sinta. “ (he smiles)
Maryam :(receive those book). “Oh.. thank you sir. These are exercise books for National 
Examination. it is new sir. It must be expensive. I cannot afford to buy it, sir”. give those book back to Professor.
Professor :” just take it. I buy it for them. Hopefully, these book can help your daughters to pass the Natinal Examination”.
From inside the house. Suddenly, Tania, Pofessor’ first daughter, screams loud calling Maryam.
Maryam :” oh, Tina is calling me. Excusme sir”
Professor :”yes, please”(Professor continue his reading, Maryam walks away)
Unfortunately, Mariam is late. Tania is coming to approach her in the balcony.
Tania : “Look !what you have done to my blouse. Look at this!” (Throws the dirty blouse to Maryam)
Maryam. : (silent. Confuses..)
Tania : “It is expensive, you know! You cannot afford it” push Maryam down.
Maryam. : “I am sorry Tania. I will try to make it better. I will repair it and clean. I will wash it again”
Tania : “heh…. (With mad face) just do the best! And remember, never do the same mistakes”
(By listening that noise, Rara, Professor’s second daughter, and Professor come to them)
Rara : “please, stop it sisy”. (Help maryam to stand).
Professor : Tania, can you decrease your high pitch voice?. (Professor is looked angry. Then, Tania goes away.)
Maryam. : (Maryam so sad. She walks to the washing room by bringing the blouse with her. Then, wash it again)
Scene 3
Maryam always backs home at six in the afternoon. But, that day after her conversation with Professor Fikri, she doesn’t go home directly. She goes to Mr. Crab’s restaurant. There, she washes the dishes as a part time job. After finish her duty in there, she goes home. She arrives at home at 10 am.
By listening, the sound of the door opened, Jojo runs to her mother and hugs that old woman.
Maryam. : “oh my angel,why don’t you go to bed yet?”
Jojo : (crying) “Mom, where did you go?. You never back home late like this before. I was so worried. I called Professor Fikri, he said you wasn’t there”
Maryam. : (Just smile and “mengelus” Jojo’s hair)
Jojo : “(Holds her mother’s hands) “Oh, look at your hands! What have you done? Why is it so cold?”
Maryam. : (Just smile) “It’s late of night, go to sleep now! You have to go to school tomorrow. Right?!”
Jojo : “But… mom… what….”
Maryam : (smile again) “Just sleep my lovely angel!” (kiss Jojo).
(Maryam walks,leaving Jojo. She put her bag on the table)
Jojo : “Mom, I need to say something.”
Maryam. : “about what? Must it be talked right now? It’s late of night dear.”
Jojo : “mom…”
Maryam. : “ok, tell me now” (siting on the chair)
Jojo : “I got an invitation.”
Maryam. : “Invitation? What kind of invitation? Is there your friend’s wedding party?”
Jojo : “No, Mom. I got an interview invitation from university. I have registered to the university in Jakarta. I have passed the test, and now I will get an interview. What do you think? Shall I?”
Maryam. : (hold her daughter’s hand)” of course my angel. You shall. This is a great good news”. The tears is down from her eyes.
Jojo : “ but, I won’t leave you mom”( crying in her mother arms.)
Maryam : “listen, this is a good opportunity. We should thanks to Alloh ad you have to go? Now, tell me. What faculty will you enter?”
Jojo :medical ( smile and sweep the tears )
Maryam :”ohhh, congratulation. Your dream come true. Alhamdulilah” (huges Jojo again.)
(Diah comes into the house from the window, she walk to her room.then suddenly stops when she realize that her mother and Jojo is in the same room with her. Maryam and Jojo look in Dini’s face)
Diah :”hai mom. (sit on the chair ).what is this?(talking to herself). Wow new book, mom is it new book for Jojo and Sinta? Wow it must be expensive”
(Jojo also sit on the chair near Diah)
Maryam : where are from Dini? (gaze to Dini)
Dini : From Bella’s house. (talking to Jojo).Look this National Exercise examination book for Senior High school . I guess this for you sist.( Dini gives it to Jojo)
Jojo : (receiving the book from Dini) yeah, and this one for must be for Sinta. Oh ,thank you mom. But, why you are so late?
Dini : eem.., doing home work.
Jojo : so then, where is your book? I don’t see you bring even a piece of paper.
Dini : ahh, stop it sisy. (ignoring Jojo)where is the thing for me myself? (Checking the bags carefully). Mom?
Maryam : Dini, we talk again tomorrow ok. Now, its better for you two…(cough)
Dini : No!. ( Dini is jelousy. She stands up) you love me like you do love Sinta and Jojo. Doesn’t you?
Maryam : yes, absolutely sweetheart. Stop saying that so..
Dini : Ok then. Now, I want new shoes. My very very old shoes can not walk with me anymore.
Maryam :but sweetheart, I have no money for…
Dini : mom, they have got those expensive new books and I want new shoes. It must be cheaper than those books. Fair?
Jojo : stop talking Sinta. Now, go sleep!
Dini :I won’t (staring at Jojo) what?
Jojo : can’t you see. Our mom is tired after working a whole day. And you, coming home so late and talking that such impolite words and..
Dini : (plug her ears with her two fingers) what did you say?
Jojo : you! You even not my mother’s..
Maryam : silent Jojo!
Dini : listen that. Be silent!(mocking Jojo by put her tongue out)
Maryam : Stop that Dini. I will finish Mrs Nuri clothes tonight. Tommorw, Dini, You should give it to Mrs Nuri house and take the money from her. you can have the money to buy new shoes. OK! Now, both of you go to sleep!
(Jojo and Dini say no words, they keep silent and went to their room. Just do what her mother asks them. While Mariam, she kni Mrs Nuri clothes without having rest after working a whole day and night)
Scene 4
Seven years later.
In that small house, now Maryam lives only with her two daughters because Jojo had left them to Jakarta. Jojo got scholarship there, in medical faculty. In the beautiful afternoon..
Sinta : mom, you have to take a rest. You look pale. Let me continue sweeping the floor.
Maryam : I’m Ok sweetheart. I can do it. (cough) have you finished your homework?
Sinta : mom, I think, your cough become worst and worst. We should go to the doctor.
Maryam : no, I’m alright. This is just a cough. I can stay alive and do my activity
Sinta :but mom, it will be better if you..
(suddenly Dini come bringing four Bags)
Dini : Assalamualaikum, I’m home. Guess what?
Sinta :what?
Dini : I buy new clothes for us. Check this! Emm, and also shoes.
Maryam : Dini
Dini : yes Mom, this one for you. Is it nice? Oww and look at this Sinta, this is my new bag. You can also borrow it.
Sinta : what makes you become so feminine like this sist? You look so beautiful.
Dini : oh, thank you. This is the power of love sweetheart. A tomboy girl metamorphosis became a lady. Ohh..what a sweet.
Maryam : Dini, came here. (Asking Dini to sit beside her). Why you spent the money for these things? We have to use the money wisely. For example; for your study for our daily needs.
Dini : Mom, I have to prepare for my graduation next week. I need these all. I need new kebaya, shoes, bag and all these things. You will know it if only you are study in college like me.
Sinta : sisy! Watch your mouth
Dini : what?
Maryam : girls, Listen!. Your sister Jojo work hard in Jakarta to give us better living, no to waste the mony sweetheart.
( maryam cough getting worst,now her cough bleeding. In minutes she fainted)
Scene 5
Jojo work in Dramais. That evening, after she prayed Magrib her cell phone rings.
Jojo : Assalamualaikum Sinta
Sinta : Walaikum salam
Jojo : What’s happend? Why your voice..
Sinta : Jo.. mama… Mama is hospitalized this evening, her cough is bleeding. Come home sist..
Jojo : Where is Dini? I need to talk to her.
Sinta : She is having dinner with her new boyfriend
Jojo : What?
Sinta : I am alone sist. I’m afraid
Jojo : be patient, where is mom?
Sinta : yes, she is here
Jojo : give the phone to her
Maryam : Assalamualaikum..
Jojo :Alaikumsalam, how are you feeling ?
Maryam : i’m alright my angel. Sinta just exaggerates my condition.
Jojo : Ok, i’ll back tonight. Maybe i’ll arrive in the morning.
( Mayra, a sister of one of Jojo’s patient came and cry)
Mayra : doctor, help my sister. Please.
Jojo : mom, i have to hang the call up. I’ll call you later
Maryam :ok my angel. Listen! You have to save your patient live. I will be Ok.
Jojo : Ok mom. Love you
( noise come from in the end of phone. Just like the phone is falling. Jojo hears Sinta scream)
Jojo : Hello, Mom..Sinta.. Sinta.. what is happened? Hallo..
Sinta… answer me (crying). Mom…
Mayra : excusme docter, please help my sister. Her condition is getting worst.please dokter ( still crying)
Jojo : I have to meet my mother, she is sick. Sorry Mayra. I have to go home.
Mayra : please doctor, Rasya is my only family. How can i live tthis world alone. Please doctor.
Jojo 🙁 Jojo tries to run, she avoids Mayra. But mayra keep following her and begging her)please. I have to meet my only mother. Please. Understand me.
(Jojo’s phone is ringing)
Jojo : Hallo..
Maryam : Hallo sweetheart. I’m Ok. Do your duty well, ok?! Promise me.
Jojo :mom.. (crying).
Maryam :love you my angel. Assalamualaikum ( the phone is hung up)
Jojo : hallo mom, mom..
( Jojo look at Mayra who follow her. She stare at Mayra sadly eyes)
Jojo :let’s go to your sister.
Mayra :ohh, thank you doctor.
Scene 6
The next morning Maryam insists to go home. She want stay in the hospital. Docter punished her acult lung cancer, last stadium. In their small house, Maryam sleep unconciously and wewkly.
In the mid day, Jojo arrives. She run to Maryam room. In that room, Sinta is sitting beside Maryam, crying.
Jojo :mom, here i am. I am coming. Wake up mom. Mom.. (crying and hold her mother)
(maryam open her eyes weakly. She smile to her daughter)
Maryam: my angel (maryam whispering)
Professor Fikri comes to see Maryam. Then he sits beside Maryam. Maryam’s condition gets worst and worst. Finally, she dies..
Itulah sebuah contoh Naskah drama bahasa Inggris yang sangat mengesankan dan mempunyai makna dalam. Semoga memberikan inspirasi kepada Anda.