25 Contoh Ungkapan Belasungkawa dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaik

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25 Contoh Ungkapan Belasungkawa dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaik – Belasungkawa atau ungkapan berduka cita, bisa kita ekspresikan dengan kata-kata, seperti pada kalimat-kalimat berikut ini.

1. He has been peaceful there, in his the world. We have to let him go. It is enough for us to pray for him.

2 .The people, who leave you, want to see you happy rather than see you lament.

3. It must be hard to be left, indeed, but smile in your face must come back.

4. The sadness that you feel is a sign that you love him/her. A happiness that comes after the sadness is a sign that you really love him/her.

5. May his/her kindness be accepted in His side, that’s his/her deserved gift over his/her goodness in life.

6. He has left us, but a memory about him/her will stay last forever in our dreams.

7. Remember his goodness, because we will miss him/her when we need him/her.

8. For him/her, death is a happy thing. It is the time for him/her to meet the Creator.

9. May patience be given to those who are left, and may happiness be given to those who feel sad.

10. Death can happen every time, nothing needs to be worried, because she/he who passed away had decorated his/herself by his/her kindness.

11. It is hard to let it go, but good grace will be more useful for your goodness.

12. He has been with God, hasn’t he? Do all of us want to be God’s side?

13. What we can do is praying, because prayer is the only one he needs most at this time.

14. We, who haven’t passed away, can pray for him/her in order our kindness is multiplied.

15. We are sad because he/she was a good figure. We are happy because he/she has been with The Giver of Goodness.

16. Death is an ordeal for people who were left, and the graduation day for those who left.

17. The death of someone we love is a form of a patience test from God to us in undergoing this life.

18. It is a natural way if we are sad to be left by someone we love, but being patient is better.

19. When someone we love is gone, it is the beginning time for new people who will love you.

20. Don’t be drown too much in sadness, because the result won’t be good.

21. When we feel sorrow, it means God tests us, that is where our faith is being trained.

22. When someone we love is gone, we will realize that he/he is very precious in our life.

23. There may be man things that we haven’t done for him/her, but what we can only do now is praying for him/her and continue his/her dreams.

24. He/She had gone though his/her life with full of happiness. He/she also shared the happiness with other people. Now is the time for him/her to feel the bigger and larger happiness and beauty.

25. Cry over his/her death, then smile because the death of someone you love is the beginning of his/her happiness. And absolutely, they want to see you smile.