Contoh Report Text Tentang Burung Kakatua (Cockatoo)

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Contoh Report Text Tentang Burung Kakatua (Cockatoo) – Berikut ini, terdapat tambahan materi lagi mengenai report text dimana ada burung Kakaktua atau Cockatoo yang akan dibahas.


Cockatoo (group of cacatuidae) is a kind of ornamental birds having beautiful feather with loud sound enough. This species is a bird with good intelligence, so it is often used for entertainment events in the zoo or other entertainment venues. Throughout the world, there are 13 species of birds that a crooked beak which are the clan of cockatoo. Six of them are found in Indonesia, as well as some of them are in the Moluccas.

The word “kakatua” is derived from the 17th-century and it is the derivation word of Indonesia name for this bird, ‘kakatuwah’ (the meaning is ‘representative’ or ‘grip’ of strong beak), and in Dutch term we call it ‘kaketoe’; the word ‘cock’ might affect kaketoe. There are some variant names of the cockatoos in the 17 century. They are cacato, cockatoon, crockadore, cokato, cocatore, and cocatoo which are used in the 18th century. The origin of this name is also used for the generic name of family and each cacatuidae and cacatua.

The species of Yellow-crested Cockatoo normally lives in couple or in small group. It is very distinct when it flies with its rapid flutter and strong wings and varied movements. They also shout each other. This species are stressed by the overpopulation over the last 10-15 years, as a result of over catching to sell and it is more endangered now because of this activity.

This species lives in 0-1520 metre height from sea surface. They are usually in group. Commonly, cockatoo lives long until 60 years old even more.

Cockatoo lives in the high primary and secondary forests, and also in the edges of woods; and in a monsoon forest (Nusa Tenggara), a forest with high bush, and shrub and land under cultivation with rare trees. Meanwhile, a species of Maluku cockatoo, Salmon-crested Cockatoo usually lives alone, in pairs or small clusters. Long time ago, there were 16 cockatoos which lived in the sleeping trees in group.

In general, all species of cockatoo search foods in agricultural areas, especially in the area of corn garden. Cockatoo have a black or cream strong beak, it depends on its species. It has yellow crest on its head. Cockatoo is a bird which is pretty quiet and reserved, but there is also an aggressive and never silent one. We can train and tame the cockatoo when they are 5-10 years old. Cockatoo are generally very smart and can easily adapt itself, but it is difficult to understand. Its life cycle is similar to human beings. Those are the babies, kids, teenagers, adults and the elder. Cockatoo is not a bird which is good at singing and talking, but we can train it to say words well.

In Indonesia, Cockatoo is used as the name of a children song. Cockatoos can also be a pet because cockatoo is well-known as the faithful animal and if the owner is threatened, cockatoo will protect the owner. Some human beings often pet cockatoo since it is small cockatoo. They are trained to speak. A research shows that if it is trained since it is small cockatoo, it is be able to think like human beings.

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