Contoh Narrative Text Myth Bahasa Inggris (The Origin of Banyuwangi)

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Contoh Narrative Text Myth Bahasa Inggris (The Origin of Banyuwangi) – Narrative text berikut ini, berkisah mengenai asal usul Banyuwangi. Yuk kita baca sama-sama. 🙂

The Origin of Banyuwangi

Long time ago, there was a kingdom which governed by a fair and wise king, located in the eastern of east java province. The king had a son named Raden Banterang. His hobby is hunting. He usually hunted in the morning. After the hunting equipments were ready, he accompanied by several guards went into the woods. When he walked alone, he saw a deer passing in front of him. He immediately chased it, so that he went so far into the woods. He was separated from his guards

Raden Banterang went through the trees and scrub forest. But, he did not find a hunted animal. Then, he arrived in a river that was very clear and clean. Raden Banterang drank the water of the river until he was not thirsty anymore. After that , he left the river. But, just a few steps he walked, suddenly he was shocked of the arrival of a beautiful girl.

Raden Banterang wondered whether she was the human being or not. He dared himself to approach that beautiful girl and asked.

“Are you a human or the guard of this woods? He asked.

Yes, I am a human.” The girl answered

Raden Banterang introduced himself and so did the girl. Her name was Surati. She came from Klungkung kingdom. She saved herself from the enemy in that woods. Her father died in defending the kingdom. Had heard the girl’s story, Raden Banterang was shocked. He helped her and asked her to go his palace. They got married and became a happy family.

One day, Surati was walking alone outside the palace when a man with ragged clothes called her. After she looked at him clearly and thoroughly, she realized that the man was her brother, named Rupaksa. The purpose of his visit was to ask his sister to avenge because Raden Banterang had killed their father. Then, Surati told him that she had married with Radeng Banterang because she had already owed his kindness. Therefore, Surati did not want to accept his brother request. Rupaksa was angry hearing her sister’s answer. But, he gave her a headband to Surati. He asked her to keep it under her bed.

The meeting between Surati and her brother was not known by Raden Banterang, because he was hunting in the woods. When he was in the middle of the woods, suddenly he was shocked by the arrival of a ragged dressed man. The man said that he was in danger and it was planned by his wife.

“Look at under your bed. There was a headband of the man who was asked by her to kill you. That’s the proof. The ragged dressed man said. After he spoke those words, that man disappeared  mysteriously. He was frightened. That was why he went home early. After arriving in the palace, Raden Banterang directly looked at his wife’s bed. He was looking for the headband that had been told by the ragged dressed man whom he had met with in the forest.

“Ha! That man is true! This headband is the proof! You planned to kill me by asking help from the owner of this headband!” Raden Banterang accused his wife.

“Is it what you give to me after I saved you?” he continued.

“Don’t accuse me. I don’t ever intend to kill you, my husband, even asked help from another man. Never.” Surati answered.

However, Raden Banterang was still in his faith that his wife, whom he helped before, would endanger crawl his wife first.

Raden Banterang would sink his wife in the river. After they arrived on the river, Raden Banterang told her about what the ragged dressed man told him. Then, Surati also told him that the man was her brother. He gave her a headband. Her brother was the person who wanted to kill her husband. But, Raden Banterang did not believe it, Instead, he assumed that his wife lied.

Surati said that if the river would smell good and the water became clear and clean, it meant that she was not wrong. But, if it was still dirty and smelt bad, it meant that she was wrong. Then, Raden Banterang considered that his wife’s words was nonsense. Therefore, he killed her wife by his knife, at once Surati jumped into the river and suddenly disappeared.

Not taking long time, a miracle happened. A good smell came from the river. Seeing that incident, Raden Banterang was shocked and realized that his wife was not wrong. He regretted and felt so sad about his wife’s death. But, It’s already late.

Since that day, the river smelt good. In Javanese, it is called as Banyuwangi. Banyu means water and wangi means good smell. Then, it becomes the name of that city, Banyuwangi.