2 Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Singkat Antara Dua Sahabat di Kelas

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2 Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Singkat Antara Dua Sahabat di Kelas – Mari kita simak dua buah percakapan bahasa Inggris antara dua orang sahabat berikut ini. 🙂

Conversation 1

Fery : Hi Good morning andy? How are you today?

Andy : good morning fery. I am so fine. How about you?

Fery : I am not good today andy.

Andy : What happen with you? Is there any problem?

Fery : Yes. Yesterday I forget to collect my English assignment to miss farah. I wonder if miss farah does not allow me to join final exam. You know that assignment is the requirement of joining final exam.

Andy : I am sorry to hear that. Can I give a solution for you fery?

Fery : Yes exactly andy. What should I do?

Andy : do you bring the assignment fery?

Fery: yes I bring my assignment.

Andy : You have to give your assignment to miss farah today. I will accompany you to meet her .

Fery: Thank you for the solution, but there is a problem andy.

Andy : What is the problem dude?

Fery : Miss farah has no teaching time today. So we cannot meet her today. Meanwhile the final exam will be held tomorrow. Oh my god, what should I do.

Andy: Don’t worry fery. We can visit her house and give your assignment. I know where miss farah house is.

Fery : Oh great solution andy. When can we go there?

Andy : We will go to miss farah’s house at one o’clock after the last class is finished.

Fery : Okay andy . thank you very much for your great solution. I am so happy having friend like you.

Andy : You are welcome fery. I am so happy too, because I can help to fix my best friend‘s problem.

Conversation 2

Soleh : Hey good morning raju? How are you today

Raju : I am fine soleh. Have you finished your mathematic assignment?

Soleh: I Have not finished all yet. There are some items which I do not understand.

Raju : Which one soleh?

Soleh: I do not understand number five and six. It is about logaritma.

Raju : Can you finish these items?

Soleh : Honestly I do not understand too about that material. Any Idea?

Raju : I have asked to another friend. But no one understand too. How about asking to mr. ramzi?

Soleh : That is good idea. Let us go to mr ramzi’s room.

Raju and Soleh : Good morning mr ramzi?

Mr. Ramzi : Yes good morning. What can I do for you students?

Raju and Soleh : I am sorry sir for disturbing your time. We have finished the mathematic assignment. But we cannot finish some of the items, because we have not been understand yet. Can you teach us again about that material?

Mr. Ramzi : Oh sure. I will teach you later about that material. But now I have school meeting. I will come to your class after zuhur. Don’t forget to inform this to all of your friends.

Raju and Soleh : Yes sure mr ramzi. I will inform that. Thank you very much for your help.

Mr. Ramzi : You are welcome.