Contoh Analytical Exposition Text About Global Warming

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Contoh Analytical Exposition Text About Global Warming – Apa itu Global Warming? Kemudian apa bahaya yang ditimbulkannya? Simak semua infonya di contoh analytical exposition text berikut ini.

Global Warming

Global warming is a process of rising the average temperature of the atmosphere, the sea and the land of the earth. The increasing temperature causes the earth where we inhabit feels hotter and in the daytime we feel the excessive hot temperature. It is probably caused by the increasing of the greenhouse gases concentration as the result of human activity and the global warming itself. Because of the global warming, there are a lot of damages that can inflict on the entire structure located in our earth.

Global warming is not only the problem for the government but also for all of the inhabitants of the earth. Imagine if the north and south poles are melted, will we only suspend our fate to the government? Global warming is the responsibility for all of us. We must actively prevent or at least slow down of the process of global warming.

There are several ways that we can do to help our earth from the global warming. First, don’t cut the trees carelessly. Tress is the biggest producer of O2 (oxygen) in the world. Every day we breathe, we need oxygen, and those tress provide oxygen for us everyday. If we only have few trees, CO2 gas (carbon dioxide) can make the earth getting hotter. In spite of that, if we breathe without the presence of oxygen, we will not be able to live until today.

Second, reduce the use of private. The use of private vehicles will cause the waste of fuel. We all know that every fuel cell vehicles will issue the discharge of oil gas in form of CO2 and CO. If these gases are in large quantities, it could lead to the effect of greenhouse gases which ultimately makes the occurrence of global warming getting worse. Since you can still use public transportation, use your private vehicles when you really need it.

Third, turn off the lamp during the daytime. Even if you can afford to pay the bill, this is our awareness to our environment that we turn off the lamp during the daytime. As the alternative, you can also use efficient energy lights, such as XL Philip and LED (Light Emitting Diode). Those kinds of lights can save more than 50% of the energy.

Fourth, plant tress on the free lots of your house. Use your free lots of your house to plant various trees and plants. You don’t have to plant oak or mahogany. You can plant other ornamental trees or plants with green leaves which are potential to produce oxygen.

Fifth, build a house with enough ventilation. When you build a house, please pay attention on the ventilation and the light appropriately. It can reduce the use of air condition in the night and day. You can design you house with good natural lighting therefore you don’t need to turn of the lam in the daytime.

Global warming is our responsibility, thus from now we can help to solve this problem by doing several ways to prevent and slow down the process of global warming.