Contoh Report Text Bahasa Inggris Tentang Katak (Amphibian)

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Contoh Report Text Bahasa Inggris Tentang Katak (Amphibian) – Di bawah ini, ada sebuah contoh teks report yang membahas mengenai katak. Semoga bisa memberikan referensi bermanfaat bagi Anda.


Frogs are amphibians which eat insect. It lives in fresh water or land. Its skin is sleek. The colour is olive green or copper.  Its hind legs are longer than its front legs. It is good at swimming and jumping. Frogs started their lives as laid eggs in the water, on a foam nest, or in other wet places.

Some species of frog deposit their eggs among wet moss the store frog on the trees. While the other forest frog deposit their eggs on the wet back of male frog which will always keep and bring it until it hatches to be a small frog. It can produce 5000-20000 eggs in once reproduction depends on the quality of the mother and it will be three times in the year.

Eggs of the from hatch into tadpoles, which is similar to fat fish. It breathes by gills and lives in water for some time. Its hind legs will grow slowly, which then followed by the growing the front legs, the disappearance of the tail and the alternation of the gills with the lungs. After this period, the tadpoles this will jump to land as a small frog.

Frogs mate at certain times, for example in the months toward the rain. At that time, male frog will blare to call his mate from the edge or the middle of the waters .A loud noise produced by frog situated around his neck, which will bulge big when it is used.

Fertilization on frogs is done outside of the body. Male frog will stick to the female frog and embrace her armpit tightly from behind. While it is swimming in the water, hind legs of male frogs shall knead the female frog’s belly to stimulate the emission of the eggs. At the same time the male frog will deliver its sperms the water that can fertilize the eggs.

Frogs live spread wide, especially in tropical areas that the temperature is hot. The cooler is the place, as on a mountain or at the four-season region, the fewer population of frogs is there. One of them is because the frogs are cold-blooded which require heat from the environment to survive their lives and maintain their metabolism.

Frogs prey various species of insects which it finds. Frogs are often found under the light of a lamp or park road. They catch insects which are attracted by the light of a lamp. On the contrary, frog are also preyed by other various creatures: snakes, lizards, the birds, as the heron, a hawk, and also consumed by humans.

Frogs defend themselves by leaping far, secreting mucus and poison from the glands in his skin; and even producing some kind of concentrated sticky mucus, so that the mouth of its predators will be attached closely and difficult to open.

Frogs have very important role as the indicator of pollution. The level of pollution of the environment in a region can be seen from a population of frogs that can be located in the area. Background of the use of frogs as the indicator of the environment pollution is frogs are one of the ancient creatures which exist since thousands of years ago. Frogs are still alive with climate change on the earth. Of course, only the influence of human that might cause the population frogs becomes threatened. One of them is hazardous waste disposal by man to nature. This hazardous waste is what will threaten the existence of frogs in the tainted. Besides, the importance of frogs’ role in the food chain will affect the dynamic of frogs’ predator growth. Even the frogs’ population can be disrupted directly by the extinction of frogs’ predator.

But, human activity is actually more threaten frogs’ lives that many of their activity destruct the natural habitats of frogs, as the forests, rivers and swamps. Moreover, now the use of pesticides that extends across rice fields also destroys eggs and tadpoles, and also makes a defect for the next frogs generation.