4 Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Singkat dalam Job Interview

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4 Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Singkat dalam Job Interview – Pencari kerja, selalu menemukan sesi interview dimana ia akan diberikan berbagai jenis pertanyaan yang bertujuan untuk menguji kapabilitasnya sebagai seorang pekerja yang layak. Di bawah ini, ada 4 contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris singkat yang ada di dalam job interview. Semoga bermanfaat.


A : Are you Muhammad Ali?

B : Yes sir I am Muhammad Ali who will apply to be an employee in this company.

A : Could you describe your ideal job?

B : Yes, my ideal job would be challenging

A : Hmmm, tell me more, why challenging?

B : Well, I will improve my secretary skills and I’d like to be interested in my work.

A : Ok, what kind of hours are you looking for?

B : I am looking for full time work, I can more quickens, but I’d like to have evening job.

A : Thank you for coming to this interview. You will get a calling if you pass this test.

B : You are welcome sir.


A : Good afternoon, may I know your name please?

B : Good afternoon miss. My name is Suryani Widyaningtias.

A : What is your ideal job?

B : I would like to be a full time computer programmer, I prefer working with a team and I also enjoy working individually.

A : What kind of hours which your prefer?

B: I am flexible, but I have a weekend job.

A : Would you be willing work a day during the weekend?

B : Yes, that would be fine.

A : My company will call you if you are accepted as an employee . Thank you for coming and see you.

B : You are welcome miss. See you.


A : good morning, Could you tell me who you are and your educational background?

B : Good morning sir, my name is Vicky prasetyo, I graduated from university of Pamulang. I took economic major.

A : Could you describe what kind of job are you looking for?

B : I would like to apply in marketing position, and I would like to work in international finance world company. I am interested in a travel and meeting new people.

A : What kind of hours do you want?

B : I’d like regular day time hours on weekday and Saturday hours in a while.

A : Ok thank you for nice interview today. If you pass from this interview you will be called by my company and you can join the second interview test. See you.

B : Yes, thank you very much sir. See you.



A : Good morning welcome to my company, please tell about your name and your educational background.

B : My name is Rangga Wijayanto , I graduated from Alaba university in 1994 in a computer major.

A : Why did you choose computer major?

B : I choose that because I know people who graduated from computer major has a big opportunity to apply in many companies.

A: Ok, the position that you apply is computer programmer. What kind of hours do you want?

B: I’d like a full time work, but want to get morning job.

A : Ok that would be fine. Your hours choice is available in my company. If you are accepted as the employee, you can come next week to discuss about your salary.

B : Yes sir, that is sounds great for me.

A : Thank you for coming to today’s interview. See you.

B : You are welcome sir. See you.