Contoh Biografi Ki Hadjar Dewantara Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Contoh Biografi Ki Hadjar Dewantara Dalam Bahasa Inggris – Ki Hajar Dewantara is well-known as the father of Indonesian Education. His real name is Raden Mas Suwardi Suryaningrat. When he was 40 years old, he changed his name into Ki Hajar Dewantara. He was born in Yogyakarta, on May 2, 1889. Then, his birth date is commemorated as National Education Day. He was the grandchild of Sultan Pakualam III. Because he was born as a blue-blooded child, he could go school.

Ki hajar dewantara went to ELS school which was the primary school of Netherlands. Then, he continued his study to STOVIA, a medical school for the native of Indonesia. But, during his study at STOVIA, he was sick so that he couldn’t finish it. Ki Hajar Dewantara had ever worked as a journalist in many popular printed media at that time, such as Mideen Java, Sedyotomo, De Ekpress, Kaoem Moeda, Poesara, Oetoesan Hindia, dan Tjahaja Timoer. His writings in those various media were very communicative and critical. Therefore, those could burn the spirit of the society.

In 1908, he was active as a board in Boedi Oetomo organization. After that, he made his own organization with Douwes Dekker or well-known as Dr. Danudirdja Setya Budhi and Dr Cipto Mangoekoesoemo. They established an organization named Indische Partij on Desember 25, 1912. This was the first political nationalism organization in Indonesia to reach the independence. This organization was declined when they wanted to register it because Netherlands government assumed that it would raise the nationalism among the society.

By this refusal, they used Boemi Putera committee to make criticism to Netherlands government. They wrote many criticisms to them and those were published in De Ekpress, Douwes Dekker’s newspaper. In those writings, they stated that they wouldn’t commemorate the independence in our country which had been taken. Because of that writing, he was sent away to Bangka Island, as a punishment from Netherlands government.

After he was free from the punishment, he had a trip to Netherlands. Then, he built a school named Taman Siswa. During the time he established this school, there were so many challenges and obstacles from Netherlands government. With all of his persistent effort, he finally got the permission to establish it.

After colonial period and Indonesia reached its Independence, he was trusted to be the minister of culture and education. Then, he got an appreciation of the honourable Doctor from Gadjah Mada University. Besides, he was also awarded a title as the father of national education and national hero by President Soekarno over his effort in struggling education for Indonesia. He died on April 26, 1959 in Yogyakarta. The picture of his face is put on the sheet of Rp 20.000. Ki Hajar Dewantara has some jargons which are very popular and used as icon of education in Indonesia. They are:

1. Ing ngarso sung tulodo (It means giving a model in front).
2. Ing madyo mangun karso, (It means giving spirit in the middle).
3. Tut Wuri Handayani, (It means giving support in the back).