Pengertian dan 35 Contoh Kalimat Object of Preposition

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Pengertian Object of Preposition

Objek preposisi adalah kata benda (noun), sekelompok kata benda (noun phrase), klausa benda (noun clause), kata ganti benda (pronoun), atau kata kerja yang menjadi benda (gerund) yang mengikuti preposisi. Objek preposisi biasanya biasanya (namun tidak selalu) berada disebelah kanan preposisi ketika berada dalam satu kalimat.

Contoh Preposition yang Umum

About, below, in, over, until, above, beneath, inside, up, across, beside, into, since       upon, after, between, near, through, with, against, by, of, throughout, within, among, down, off, till, without, around, during, on, to, at, except, onto, toward, before, for       out, under, behind, from, outside, underneath.

Contoh Objects of Prepositions dalam Kalimat

  1. This is one small step for us to accomplish our dream.
  2. She comes in your house without permission.
  3. Who is inside the room?
  4. My house is between Lina’s house and Fandy’s.
  5. I don’t know who sits besides John.
  6. You have too many reasons to cancel the events. You should not be like kids.
  7. I love her since that day, the first day we met.
  8. I allow you to go with her.
  9. Please sit near them. I will be back soon.
  10. You have talked so much about her secrets.
  11. I always go to school after having breakfast.
  12. You can see me at noon. You can wait for me here.
  13. Do not hide behind them. They always know where you are.
  14. He walks through the winter day without sneezing. He is very strong in this winter season.
  15. My mother always puts the pan at the kitchen counter.
  16. There are the secrets between us only.
  17. They display the paintings without completely finishing.
  18. In class today, Mrs. Han explain the history of North Korea.
  19. Santi went outside the house by jumping through the gate last night.
  20. Topan comes from New York. He is leaving in Los Angeles to study about Economics and Business.
  21. Pour the water into the bottle, and then give it to your grand father as soon as possible.
  22. We understand your reasons to resign from this company. To be honest, it is hard for me to let you go.
  23. Our office is around the hospital.
  24. Marcus is waiting under the banana tree.
  25. Please give those mangos to Marissa.
  26. Please leave the letter in front of the door.
  27. After all problems that she faced, she wants to stay in the village for a while to calm down.
  28. The children jumped over the gate.
  29. She is very famous throughout Indonesia.
  30. We fight against corruption.
  31. A grandmother always goes across the road alone. No one has initiative to help her.
  32. I put the balloons above the ceiling.
  33. All girls are going to the mall due to big discount, except me.
  34. Save me from this devil circle. I hate to be here.
  35. I cannot show my best performance because of my injured legs. I want to recover soon.