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My Family is My Holiday

Living with my family was a beautiful thing that happened in my life. But now, I could not be with them every day because I needed to continue my study so far. That condition made me left home and lived at the boarding house.

Holiday was truly the time to be with my family, because my lessons in the college had been finished. I prepare to came back to my home and was ready to gather with all of my families. My mother was so happy when I phoned her and told her that I would go home. After I called my mom, I prepare that all I need including clothes, bag, my laptop, and off course my ticket.

I planned to go home by train and it would leave this city for about 10.00 AM this morning. After I finished preparing all that I needed in that trip, I moved fast to stop the taxi. 10 minutes later, I had arrived at the train station. I check my watch and my train would go in 15 minutes. It made me hurry because I should to find my sit soon.

I asked to the station’s staff and I got an answer that my sit was located in the back. I walked there and finally I could get it. There were so many people that accompanied their family and still waited outside for just waved their hands. For me, I did not leave my family, but I visited them.

At that day, off course I was quite happy because I would see again my families’ face. I could not wait to see my brother, my dad, and of course my mom. In my beloved home, there are my parents, and my brother. My brother named Dhani which is ten years old boy. He studies at the elementary school that so near from my home. It just spends lower than ten minutes to go there.

While, my mother is a 45 years old woman and she is a businesswoman. She has a little shop in our home and every day she got a lot of money from it. Furthermore, my father is a 49 years old businessman. He opens a car repair shop. But recently, my father’s business did not run well so my mom often used her money to pay all the family need.

From my boarding house, it took about eight hours by using train to reach my home. This was a long trip and I had planned it by bringing some foods. It was good idea to sleep and got up when the train had already arrived. So, soon after I ate my foods, I slept. Five hours later, I got up and check my watch and ask to the person beside me. I was surprised because only an hour more, I could arrive at the station in my city. It was good when knew that the train was faster.

In the station, my parents had waiting for me. I was so glad and hugged them soon. I asked my mother why Dhani didn’t with us. She answered that my brother was sleeping in the car. “Oh my god!” he was always sleeping and did not change at all. When I got into the car, I woke my brother. He got up and smiled at me. Overall, he still acted as the same kid as I left a year ago. 20 minutes later, we arrived at home. My mother had prepared my coming by cooking a lot of delicious foods. I did not wait for a long time, because I was hungry. Together and in that night, my family and I took a dinner together.

In this holiday, I trip to so many beautiful places with my family. Even it only as a few weeks holiday, I had to say, that was my happiest holiday because I did not meet my family in a year and met them made me so impressive.