9 Contoh Pembukaan Pidato Bahasa Inggris

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9 Contoh Pembukaan Pidato Bahasa Inggris – Pidato merupakan kegiatan menyampaikan pendapat seseorang kepada khalayak ramai. Sebelum menyampaikan pendapat yang ingin diutarakan dalam isi pidato, seseorang hendaknya memberikan pembukaan pidato terlebih dahulu. Berikut adalah beberapa contoh pembukaan pidato Bahasa Inggris.

1. Starting a speech by thanking God

First of all, let us convey a sense of praise and gratitude to Allah SWT, the Lord of Hosts who continues to provide guidance and His blessings so that we can all come together in this room in good health. Do not forget to send the blessings and greetings to our Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In this occasion, allow me to give you a speech about the … (then go into the content of the speech).

2. Introducing yourself in the opening of the speech

Good morning to all young people in Indonesia.

How are you, Indonesian young people? Hopefully you all are in a state of good health and always blaze spirit of nationalism in the soul. Do you already know me? Perhaps, are there some that already knew me here? Well, let’s get acquainted first. Let me introduce myself. My name is Reznita, or commonly called Nita. I was born on February 1, 1991 in Australia, and live a great life in the kangaroo country for 17 years. I am currently studying in Sampoerna School of Education. In addition, I was also active in youth organizations engaged in education and protection of abandoned children. In this exceptional opportunity, I will convey the spirit of the young so that they can help developing the education in our country.

Young people,

(The content of the speech)

3. Providing illustrations on the opening of the speech

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Before I get to the core of my speech today, let us ponder for a moment what had happened near us, in our environment. Just look at the situation around us. Many people have still not moved her heart yet to dispose of waste in place, even there are no reluctant to dispose of waste from within their personal vehicles. The phenomenon is certainly not making our environment cleaner and less unsightly. Besides, the smell of garbage strewn intrusive and can be a source of disease. Moreover, floods bias threatens our environment. Are not these circumstances harm? Have we kept our environment well? Through this speech, I would like to invite the audience here to keep our neighborhoods clean.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

(Fill Speech)

4. Presenting the facts of history in a speech opening

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today is the day before the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. Today certainly makes us remember about our predecessors, freedom fighters who sacrificed their whole heart and soul to banish and expel the invaders from our homeland, Indonesia. Our heroes fought against the forces and allies from the colonialist who continued to bombard our country on the land, sea and air. However, the heroes were not afraid to go up against. They dare to fight for the dignity of this nation.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

(Fill Speech)

5. Giving humor in the speech opening

Ladies and gentlemen,

Have you ever thought about the relationship between prosperity with belly fat? I ever. However, I am also not sure if it has anything to do. Maybe they brotherzone, friendzone, or intimate friend. Ha ha ha. Okay, back again on the relationship belly fat and prosperity. When the employee is still in regular positions, they tend to be thin. When the employee is promoted until they become high-ranking officials, they tend to be fat. Actually, I am also not so sure that I’d just tell me to do with the speech which I will present.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Through this speech, I would like to express a few words about the importance of maintaining integrity in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the job.

(The contents of the speech)

6. Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Dear Mr. Chairman of the Committee, the guests who are invited to come to this special event, as well as the audience that I love.

On this happy day let us praise the presence of the Almighty God who has mercy and guidance of His to us all, because of His mercy we can gather on this day in the event …..

7. Dear principals (name of school) I respect

Dear father / mother and the teacher who I respect and all of my friends that I love.

First of all let us praise and say our gratitude to Allah SWT because at the moment we are given one pleasure that favors the opportunity to be in this place.

Do not forget to also send prayers on our Prophet Muhammad SAW, because it is because of him we come from the darkness to the world which full of lightness.

8. Dear Mr. / Mrs. Teacher of (the name of the school)

Dear my all beloved friends

Good afternoon and best wishes to all of us

Firstly, all let us express all our gratitude for the presence of the Almighty God by His grace we can still be met in this room in a healthy condition without any flaws.

Mr / Ms teacher and friends, on this auspicious occasion let me invite Mr. / Mrs. Teachers and all of my friends to maintain the health of our body because with a healthy body we can perform our activities well.

9. Bismillaahirrahmaanirraahiim

Assalaamu’alaikum warahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh
The honorable Rector of the University of March Surakarta as Chairman of the Senate,
Which we respect, all Members of the Senate of March Surakarta,
Which we respect, all the teaching staff at the University of March Surakarta,
Which we honored, invited guests,
And the happy and beloved audiences.

First, let us Praise to Allah, the Most Merciful God, who has bestowed a variety of pleasure to us, the health, the opportunity and the happiness that we feel today. Without His mercy, this is impossible for us to enjoy. Next, please allow us, at this happy occasion, to give a speech in titled of … .

Ladies and Gentlemen,
(The speech)