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Contoh Pidato Pernikahan Bahasa Inggris – Pernikahan merupakan hal yang sakral yang dilakukan oleh dua orang yang saling mencintai satu sama lain. Dalam pernikahan, biasanya ada beberapa pihak yang akan menyampaikan pidatonya. Berikut kami sajikan contoh pidato pernikahan dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

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The gentlemen and all of the guests, there is no word can be uttered in this special moment except the greetings, praises, and gratitudes to Allah SWT. Because it is Him who has the right to accept all of the greetings, praises, and gratitudes which are sent to Him. It is also Him who gives us the gifts, safety and happinesses in this life. Let us send sholawat and greetings to our Prophet Muhammad SAW, his family, his companions and all of people who follow him.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The religion of Islam, as a religion of nature, regulates human’s life in the state of the nature of human himself. Household in the understanding of Islam is as “Maskan”. It is the place where the realization of peaceful found and it is refined by Mawaddah which means ‘love’ and Rahmah which means ‘endearment’.

Every happy household must be covered by a tranquil atmosphere, mawaddah and mercy. It is the atmosphere needed by every baby who is just born in the household. The children who are raised in a peaceful household which is filled with compassion and love will definitely become adults who will bring what they feel when they were children to their life later in the future.In the other hand, the children who were born in a family who is filled with anxiety and hatred or even cruelty will become adults who will act badly to the society where they are living.

There are many disorders and delinquency happen around us as a result of acts of the people who were born in the midst of household which has bad atmoshphere and is not filled with love. Therefore Islam maintains and organizes the littlest unit, a household, in order to keep the life peaceful and to realize the happy life in the world and in the herearter.

Moreover, women as special creatures in the earth are given a task by Allah SWT to realize it by the help of her husband who will devote everything to his wife for the sake of Allah SWT.

Because the women have already big duties to create the atmosphere of love and build a peaceful household which take time, Islam, then, obliges husbands to become a head or the leader in the household.

Men are the backbone or leaders to women / wives It is because of several reasons including in terms of biological on which men are stronger than women, also the way of thinking of men which are wider than women’s. By such strengths that Allah has given to them, men are responsible for the lives of their wife and children.

It is clear to understand that in a peaceful home, we need the division between a wife who has always concentrated its efforts in the household, and a husband who some time is going outside the household to earn a living. It is based on the differences in the nature and the leader of the household for households without the leaders inside will be messy and aimless.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A happy and peaceful household also needs cooperation / consultation / discussion between the husband and wife when facing a problem. The discussion between a husband and wife in every household does not mean each of which must be agreed that it is correct for Allah has forbidden to make the forbidden things become halal. Hence, every husband and wife should be required to make taqwa as the main joints in their life. Taqwa here means in the sense of running what is commanded by Allah SWT.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Every household, and every single person is bound to face a trial or difficulty, whether they are material or non-material difficulties. In order to face a difficulty, the most powerful and efficient tool is prayer because prayer is a means to beg anything from Allah SWT. Then, in every household, it is in need that the prayer is done in order to ask for the taufiq and hidayat from Allah SWT. Hence, every husband as the leader of the household must establish the prayer of evey member in the household.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

That is all the words that I can say on this occassion in this beautiful wedding party. Hopefully it will be useful for all of us, especially for the bride. Thank you for all the attention, and I apologize for any mistake done by me.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

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