Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Teknologi

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Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Teknologi – Teknologi merupakan hal yang terpenting bagi manusia di zaman yang serba modern ini. Pemikiran manusia yang tidak ada batasnya dan kebutuhan hidup yang teru meningkat membuat manusia memutar otak untuk memenuhi kebutuhan hidupnya tersebut. Berikut kami sajikan contoh pidato Bahasa Inggris mengenai teknologi.

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
Good morning and best wishes for all of us,

The honorable Mr. Anggino Saputra, M. Pd as the head of SMA N 1 Kota Baru
The honorable Mr. Fajri Amien, M. Pd as the deputy of SMA N 1 Kota Baru
The honorable all of the teachers and school staff
And my beloved friends that I’m proud of,

Firstly, let us praise and gratitude to Allah SWT, The Supreme Court who has devoted grace and joy to all of us, so that we can gather in this room in good condition and without the slightest flaws.

In addition, our prayers and greetings are always sent to our great Prophet, the Prophet Muhammad SAW who had been very instrumental escorted us out of the days of ignorance. May we all belong to his people who will be given his intercession in akhirat, Amin ya rabbal Alamin.

On this happy occasion, I am standing here to deliver a speech entitled “the importance of technology for human life”. Hopefully what I will say can be beneficial for us all.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Technology is a tool that can provide a wide range of human needs in the form of goods or services necessary for the survival and help to comfort the human life. In general, the technology can be interpreted as an object that was intentionally created in an integrated manner through human thought. However, in daily life, the technology is a tool that can be used to assist, facilitate, and resolve the problems that can be found in the real world.

Actually, the technology has been around since antiquity and evolved since the creation of human beings who have intellectual and rational mind. Technological developments have occurred due to the use of human reason and mind to overcome any problems encountered.

At first, technology invented only tangible things that are helpful to facilitate their work in processing natural resources, such as axes, spears, arrows and other equipment, making a living, such as houses and equipment-household appliances, in transportation such as boats, and etc., and in the case of food, beverages and drugs.

As the development of this era, technology has also been developed. Even the development is now already very massive and almost inaccessible to human logic. In addition, the development was to touch all aspects in life.

Examples of technological development is the development in transportation technology, and communications. In ancient times it is difficult for us to move from place to place that is very far away, and it is also hard for us to reach people who are very far because at that time there were only a boat, carts, pigeons, and so forth.

However, now people have to overcome the difficulties by making transportation and communication technology which is very capable. Today, people can travel from one place to another place that is very much short in a matter of hours. Humans can also talk to each other although the by distance is very far. Actually there are a lot of technologies that help human life, such as medicine, agriculture, and so forth.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The development of technology has enormous benefits for human life, which can facilitate all human affairs. However, sometimes, not all technology is created both for human to survive.

An example is the technology of war. During the war, people created a lot of weapons which resulted in mass destruction that was terrible. As a result of the creation of this thing is all humans become anxious and fear of a war that can snatch them.

In addition, there is also a technology that faces opposition people – the crowds, the technology to clone humans. The result of human thinking that has no end is humans started thinking of creating another human being through cloning processes. It is prohibited in any religion.

Moreover, the technology that can not be stopped could affect people’s lives. People may become increasingly lazy, get unhealthy lifestyle, promiscuity, and many other life problems.

Therefore, we should address the development of this technology so wisely. Do not let the technology that we have created to become a huge shredder for us.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

That is all what can I say. I thank you for your very nice attention.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

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