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Contoh Procedure Text How To Use Smartphone – Procedure Text merupakan salah satu jenis teks dalam Bahasa Inggris yang bertujuan untuk memberikan informasi kepada para pembacar atau pendengar mengenai serangkaian langkah yang harus dilakukan dalam membuat atau mengoperasikan sesuatu. Berikut adalah contoh Procedure Text mengenai cara menggunakan smartphone.

How to Use Smartphone


A Smartphone


Steps of how to use smartphone is devided into 5 parts:

A. How to Prepare First Android Smartphone Devices

1. Please open android smartphone devices from the cardboard wrapping.
2. Ensure the completeness devices such as battery and complete headset.
3. Insert the SIM card in the device and make sure the type of SIM card is in accordance with the available slots.
4. Install the memory card in the memory card slot. It is usually a kind of Micro SD Card. It is recommended to use a memory card for additional storage on your android device can be relieved.
5. Make sure everything is properly inserted before newly installing battery on the device.
6. Turn on the device by pressing the Power button and hold for a while until the screen lights up. Usually the brand or type of device will appear first.
7. Wait a few moments for the boot process (initial flame) an android device takes longer than a regular cell phone.
8. If the page will appear normal, your device will show Home Screen or on multiple devices are directly prompted to enter your Google account.
9. If it is prompted to enter your Google account, please enter your email address only Google (gmail) and password.

B. Know Your Device Display Screen Android Smartphone

1. Touch the screen and tap the application if you want to see or run an application.
2. Touch the menu if you want to see all of the applications’ icons, usually the icon is displayed in dots, it can be round or box depending on model views (theme).
3. Pressing the icon in a little time and then select the options that are available to add or change the icon on the Home page both on the main screen or on the list of favorite applications
4. Touch the screen and slide it to the left or to the right to choose the Home page.
5. To view the notifications panel on the screen simply touch the screen and hold it at the top and slide down. It will appear several notification icons such as data connectivity, bluetooth, wifi, gps and so on.
6. To unlock by default usually can be done by touch and swipe the screen to not be locked. This usually if the security settings have not been converted into a pattern or password or the other.

C. How to Make Calls, Received Calls And Viewing Data Calls On Android Smartphone Devices

1. To do something related to such calls will make calls and view call data please go to the Phone application.
2. Touch and slide the resistant green circle to answer a call.
3. To make a phone call please go to the Phone application or Phone.
4. Enter the phone number to be dialed.
5. If the dialed number in your contacts list please go to the contacts application in the phone application and select the contact to call.
6. To view the call history list please go to the Phone app and then look at the log, it would appear the data of incoming calls, outgoing calls and missed calls.

D. How to Send, Receive and Manage SMS On Android Smartphone Devices

1. To do something related to SMS please go to the Messaging application, or Message.
2. To see the details of the conversations salh simply tap on a contact in question.
4. To send the message or reply to incoming messages please type it into the text box provided, and select send.
5. To send a message to a new contact that does not exist in the thread view, simply tap the + sign on the screen and then select the contact destination then the message body text box provided.
6. To delete messages one by one just to get into one long thread on the contact and then tap the message and then select delete.
7. To remove one thread contact please long touch on a thread for the contact and then select delete.
8. To remove a lot of thread please select delete thread on the menu in the Messages application and then mark that will be deleted and after completion select delete.
9. To back up the message and restore backed up messages please use additional applications for it does not exist in the application menu.

E. How To Run, Install and Manage Apps On Android Smartphone Devices

1. Tap the application icon on the home page or to the page display applications to run the application.
2. If you will start another application without closing the currently running application please press the Home button and then run the new application in question.
3. To stop the currently running application, please exit the application or touch and slide applications (such as the movement of waste) through the list of applications that appears when the button is pressed Recent applications.
5. To install the application can be done via the Google Play Store or the APK file.
6. To remove applications that are already installed please go to application settings with gear icon image and sign the application menu and then select the application to be removed instalannya.
7. To move an application from internal memory to a memory card (micro sd) or otherwise referred to simply tap on the app and tap on the move applications.

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