55 Contoh Soal Fill in The Blank Bahasa Inggris

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55 Contoh Soal Fill in The Blank Bahasa Inggris – Berikut Terdapat 55 Contoh soal yang bisa Anda gunakan sebagai contoh belajar.

Contoh 1

Affirmative Agreement

Supply the correct form of the verb for the simple statement in each of the following sentences.

1. Diana likes to jump, and her brother ____________ too.
2. She will leave at evening, and I ____________ too.
3. We have an early appointment, and so ____________ they.
4. They have already written their composition, and so ____________ their opponent.
5. His plne is arriving at nine o’clock, and so ____________ mine.
6. she should go grocery shopping this morning, and so ____________ you.
7. Randy loves swimming in the sea, and we ____________ too.
8. Our English tecaher likes to make craft, and so ____________ we.
9. Ratna and Juwita have lived in Vienna for ten years, and Laila ____________ too.
10. You must write them a letter, and she ____________ too.

Contoh 2

Negative Agreement

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of either or neither.

1. The nurses should not take that medicine, and ____________ should she.
2. They do not plan to attend the concert, and ____________do they.
3. She does not like badminton, and he does not ____________.
4. We did not see anyone we knew, and ____________ did Joan.
5. The players could not come due to the bad weather, and ____________ could the audience.
6. Rina can’t type well, and her brother can’t ____________.
7. They are not interested in writing peom, and ____________ are us.
8. Berlian won’t have to work on weekends, and Santi won’t ____________.
9. My niece can’t stand listening to rock music, and her brother can’t ____________.
10. Leina does not speak French, and her family does not ____________.

Contoh 3


Supply than, as, or from in each of the following sentences.

1. The Empire State Building is taller ____________ the other building in United States.
2. Bali is farther from Jakarta ____________ East Java.
3. Their work is different ____________ ours.
4. Rena writes more quickly ____________ her friends.
5. No flower is so big ____________ Raflesia Arnoldi.
6. The performance of the dancers is less impressive ____________ the singers’.
7. Leo wears the same pants ____________ his teammates.
8. Donald paints much more naturally ____________ his arts teacher.
9. The workers have less money at the end of the month ____________ they have at the beginning.
10. His motorcycle is different ____________ mine.

Contoh 4

Because/Because of

Supply either because or because of as appropriate.

1. It was difficult to deliver the speech in front of many people ____________ I have a bad syndrom of inconvenience.
2. She decided to leave early ____________ the party was getting worse.
3. The road was temporarily blocked ____________ traffic accident.
4. We visited our grandmother’s hometown often ____________ we enjoy the situation and scenery.
5. Renata cannot go to the softball club ____________ her grades.
6. Rira was awarded a scholarship ____________ her great performance in the classroom and social activity.
7. Nobody ventured outdoors ____________ the storm warning.
8. They plan to spend their vacation in the beach ____________ the weather is good for sunbathing.
9. He should drive around the park ____________ the road was damaged in the tornado.
10. The bacteria have died ____________ the intense heat.

Contoh 5

Conditional Sentence

Supply the correct form of the verb in the parenthese for each of the following sentences.

1. If she ____________ (decide) earlier, she could have left on the morning flight.
2. Had they known her address, they ____________ (write) her a letter.
3. Because Mercy did so poorly on the test, she wishes that she ____________ (study) well last week.
4. My cat always wakes me up if it ____________ (hear) strange sound.
5. If you ____________ (call) Heby this morning, please connect it to my line.
6. The boss will not accept our work if we ____________ (submit) it in late.
7. Mrs. Brown always talks to her children as if they ____________ (be) adults.
8. I could understand my English teacher if he ____________ (explain) more slowly.
9. Jane wished that the publishers ____________ (permit) her to copy some of the materials.
10. I wish my father ____________ (stop) smoking so much so that he could get better.
11. Rio’s mother talks to her fish as if it ____________ (understand) her.
12. If she finishes the dress before Monday, I ____________ (try) it first before the final fitting for my wedding ceremony.
13. I hope that you ____________ (enjoy) the show yesterday.
14. We could go for a romnatic dinner if today ____________ (be) Saturday night.
15. My parents ____________ (accept) if they invite them to the event.