Perbedaan dan Contoh Kalimat Abbreviation vs Acronym dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Perbedaan dan Contoh Kalimat Abbreviation vs Acronym dalam Bahasa Inggris – Simak penjelasan lengkap mengenai abbreviation dan acronym berikut ini.


Abbreviation adalah bentuk singkat dari kata atau frase yaitu dengan mengambil huruf pertama pada kata untuk mewakili. Contohnya seperti United Nation yang kemudian disingkat menjadi UN, the British Broadcasting Corporation disingkat menjadi BBC, United States of America disingkat menjadi USA, New York disingkat menjadi NY, Compact Disk disingkat menjadi CD, High Definition disingkat menjadi HD, dan lain-lain.

Berikut ini adalah contoh abbreviation mungkin sering Anda temukan:

BC => Before Christ (period of time)
AD => Anno Domini (period of Time)
BNC => British National Corpus
DC => District of Columbia
NZ => New Zealand
RSVP => Repondez s’il vous plaite (respond if you please)
PS => Post Script
BA => Bachelor of Arts
MA=> Master of Arts
PA => Personal Assistant
CEO => Chief Executive Officer
AM => Ante Meridian (from morning until noon)
PM => Post Meridian (from noon until morning)

Singkatan pada contoh dibaca huruf per huruf. Selain itu, terdapat pula singkat lain yang dibaca sesuai dengan bentuk aslinya. Perhatikan contoh berikut ini:

Kg => Kilogram
Kph => Kilometer per hour
Mr => Mister
Mrs => Mistress
Ms => Miss
Ltd => Limited
St => Street
Ave => Avenue
Prof => Professor
Co => Company
Capt => Captain
Dept => Department
Eg => Exampli gratia (example/contoh)
Etc => Etcetera (other things/dan lain-lain)
Dr => Doctor
Sr => Senior
Jr => Junior
Inc => Incorporated

Contoh kalimat:

1. Herlambang is the CEO of Pasar Tumpah Online, a new online shop in Indonesia.
2. Last night, I could not sleep until 3 A.M. because I drank too much coffee before going to bed.
3. My mother told me to buy 4 kg of rice and 2 kg of sugar this morning.
4. Prof. Sandy helped me a lot when I was writing my final research report last semester.
5. Ms. Nana is the most beautiful English teacher at my school.


Sementara itu, acronym terbentuk dari huruf initial dari kata/ nama yang lebih panjang dan diucapkan secara berbeda dari huruf yang mewakilinya. Acronym dibaca sebagai bentuk kata baru. Berikut ini adalah contohnya:

• NATO =>North Atlantic Treaty Organization
• IUPAC =>International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
• UNESCO => United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
• Aids => Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
• NASA => National Aeronautics and Space Administration
• Radar => Radio detection and ranging
• Scuba => self-contained underwater breathing apparatus
• RAM => Random Access Memory
• FIFA => Federation Internationale de Football Association
• SARS =>Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
• Laser => Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiator

Contoh kalimat:

1. There are 28 countries which become the member of NATO. Three of them are England, Canda, and United States of America.
2. People who ail Aids have tendency to easily suffer other serious diseases like cancer or tumour.
3. The doctors will use laser to do the operation thus the patient will feel less pain.
4. The leader of FIFA held a press conference about the issue of money fraud.
5. UNESCO promised us that they would support our internation cultural exhibition in Bali next year.

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