Contoh Conversation Bahasa Inggris Antara 2 Orang Teman di London

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Contoh Conversation Bahasa Inggris Antara 2 Orang Teman di London – Berikut ada sebuah contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris dimana dua orang teman sedang merencanakan apa yang akan mereka lakukan di London, sebuah kota yang amat terkenal di dunia.

Haris : It is nice my friend. Our dream has come true. Now we are in London, the one of beautiful cities in England.  There are so many places that we want to visit.  What do you think bon?

Jambon : Yes I am very satisfied of coming here. Going to London with my best friend is the greatest moment I ever have in my life. I think we have to go to our first destination. The Beatles recording studio.  Do you still remember that our first dream is going to that place?

Haris : That is exactly bon.  I think we have to make the schedule for the places that we want to visit.  Any idea bon?

Jambon : There are 10 places that we have to visit in London. And we only have 5 days in here. So we have to visit 2 places for each day. This is the list of the place that we have to visit:  British Museum,  National Gallery, London Eye, Tate Britain, History Museum, Science Museum, Buckhiham Palace, Tower of London, Abey Road, and Parliament Square. Let’s we make the schedule, ris.

Haris : Okay bon. In my Opinion we have to visit as the distance of the place. The first day
we have to go Abey Road and Parliament Square, the second day we will visit British Museum and National Gallery, and the third day we will visit Science Museum and History Museum. What do you think about that friend?

Jambon : I do agree with you and then the fourth day we can visit National Gallery and London Eye. The last day we can go to Buckhingham Palace and Tower of London. Okay now we have to take a rest. Tomorrow we must wake up early.

Haris : Okay I have to go to my bad room. See you tomorrow morning bon.

The following days…

Jambon : Ris Have you wake up? We have to prepare that we will bring to the Abey Road and Parliament Square.

Haris : Sure Bon. I have to bring my camera. What will you bring for going there?

Jambon : I also bring my camera and the tripod. I also bring our national flag. I will take my photo with our national flag.

Haris : Okay. Let’s we go there.  From our hotel we only need to go there by train.

Jambon : How long it takes ris?

Haris : It is only 15 minutes from here.

Jambon : Wow how a wonderful city is. There are so many luxurious buildings.  Can you see that?

Haris : Yes that is the palace of United Kingdom. I think we have been arrived at Abey road. Let’s go there.

Jambon : Okay Ris.

Haris : This is Obey Road bon. Let’s we take a picture like the Beatles in their album cover.

Jambon : Okay Ris. What a wonderful building, here I feel so happy today because our dream come true.  This is unforgettable holiday I ever have, bro.

Haris : Yes I feel the same bon. I hope tomorrow we will see more wonderful building than here. Let’s enjoy our today’s holiday bon.

Jambon :  All right ris.