Contoh Teks Deskripsi dalam Bahasa Inggris Tentang Aktivitas Seorang Siswa

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Berikut ini, ada sebuah teks deksripsi sederhana yang memberikan gambaran mengenai aktivitas seorang siswa. Semoga teks deskripsi dalam bahasa Inggris berikut ini bisa menghadirkan manfaat kepada Anda.

Susan is a Diligent Student

Susan is a diligent student. First, at home she starts her day by studying at 4.00 am. She thinks that studying at that time will be easy to get the idea of the field which she studies. Furthermore, she agrees that this is a kind of discipline which to be done by all the students in order to be success in the future. She starts to understand the course of study that will be given by her teacher in the class, so that she will not be a confused student what her teacher talks about. In this first activity, she usually spends about an hour before she takes a bath and has a breakfast.

Second, she never comes late to school. She arrives 15 minutes before the class started. Susan follows her class with much appreciates. She always asks without hesitate to her teacher and she is always happy when given homework.  At the rest time, Susan doesn’t spend her time to chat with her friends too much. She prefers to study over again to make sure that she doesn’t forget about the material. If she finds the problem she will look for the teacher for asking. When the class ended at 3.00 pm, Susan doesn’t go home. She visits the public library which located beside the school. She borrows the book and sometimes she also reads it there. She reads a thin book; so it doesn’t spend many times for reading in the library.

Third, at home Susan always studies in the night. She does her homework which was given in the school.  All those activities, can be used as the proof that Susan is a diligent student.