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Contoh Review Text Film dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaik – Film yang akan saya kupas berikut ini, adalah sebuah film superhero yang unik, berjudul Megamind. Penasaran bagaimana reviewnya? Anda bisa membaca review text singkat berikut.

Genre : Animation
Realease Date : November 5, 2010
Director : Tom Mc Graith
Script : Alan J. Schoolcraft, Brent Simons
Producer : Lara Breay, Ben Stiller, Denise Nolan Cascino
Distributor : Paramount Pictures
Duration : 96 Minutes

Megamind is one of the great animation film in box office. The story starts when Megamind was sent by his parents when there is disaster in his planet. That problem also experienced by Mr. Goody (Metroman) who was come from Balupunk Spunk Planet. Rivality was started when Megamind didn’t get his destiny to live in luxurious house because of Mr. Goody (Metroman). Megamind is one of the examples of a superhero film. There are three things which are different with other superhero movies.

There are some that will be discussed. Megamind is the film that has a hero concept of the story. The hero’s film usually used the hero as the central character. But in this film almost all of the actors have the central character.

a. Characterizations

In Megamind movie, there are two actors that have rivalry. They are Metroman and Megamind. Metroman is the hero in metrocity, the people in Metrocity is very proud of him while Megamind is the bad actor that always disturbs Metroman to destroy crime. There is also Minion who also accompanies Megamind to do everything. The interesting one is in other superhero films, the main character has another character. Like Peter Parker in Spiderman. But in this movie, Metroman, Megamind, and Minion have only one character.

b. Plot

Generally, the plot in this film is the linear plot. Started by Megamind who falled then continued with the flashback. Several chronological orders of this story will show the difference from the other super hero’s film.

When Metroman decide to be concealed by pretending to die after he was boomed by Megamind, then Megamind also did the same thing. He decided to do the right thing which Metroman had done. Eventhough, in the beginning the people in Metrocity didn’t want to accept him as their hero, but when he helps Metrocity people from the crime things finally they can accept him as their city’s hero.

The valuable things which had done by a hero in a story is the winning hero got in beat their enemy. This case was generally happened in super hero’s film. As the example Spiderman, who always beats his enemy from the beginning until the end of the story and he become single figure. Meanwhile in Megamind, the figure transmission happens where in the beginning, Metroman is the hero and Megamind as the villain figure. In the end of the story, precisely Megamind becomes the hero of metrocity. The difference of the plot shows that he has the vast difference plot from the other hero’s film.

c. Point of View

In many hero’s film, point of view which used is all-knowing or the first people who adore the hero. Usually hero’s film started from the hero’s point of view, but in Megamind film, the first narration started from the villain figures, named Megamind. Started from the childhood of Megamind and Metroman had a rivality. They had different home, school, and environment. Megamind who always got the worse one. It was made him to be the villain figure. If in the other hero’s film villain figure was showed to dominate world, in Megamind film villain figure was show only for proving that he had the same power as the hero. That above explanation proves that Megamind had different point of view from the other hero’s film.