Biografi Albert Einstein dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Biografi Albert Einstein dalam Bahasa Inggris – Albert Einstein adalah salah satu ilmuwan besar dunia dan telah menyumbangkan banyak hal terhadap ilmu pengetahuan. Berikut ini, terdapat cerita singkat tentang Albert Einstein yang dituangkan menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Semoga bermanfaat.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Wurttemberg, Germany on March 14, 1879. He is considered as the biggest scientist in 20s century. His parents are Hermann Einstein and Pauline Einstein. His father was a seller of fur bed, and then became worker in chemical electronics. Albert Einstein is theoretical physics scientist who develops general relativity theory. His research results the most popular pattern in the world, i.e. E = mc2. In 1921, he got a noble award in physics for his contribution to theoretical physics and his finding of research in ‘photoelectric effect’.

Even though they are Jewish family, Einstein’s mother enrolled his son to a catholic primary school when he was 5 years old. He studied there for three years. Then, he moved to Luitpold Gymnasium when he was eight to get his secondary education until high school.

In 1894, his father’s company failed and they chose to move to Italy. However, Einstein still stayed in Munic to finish his study. When he was 16, he enrolled to Swiss Federal Polytechnic in Zürich, but he failed. The result of the test showed good score on physics and mathematics. Seeing that fact, the head of the college suggested him to enrolled in Aargau Cantonal School Swiss. In September 1896, he graduated with perfect scores on mathematics and physics.

In 1898, he fell in love with Mileva Maric, a woman from Serbia who was his classmate. Before his marriage with Maric, there was news that they already had a child named Lieserl. But, that news was not clear. The last news about that said that their child died. Albert Einstein officially married Maric in January, 1903. They had two sons. They are Hans Albert Einstein and Eduard. But, they were divorced in February 14, 1919. Then, Einstein married Elsa Lowenthal in June 2, 1919. Elsa was his cousin. They moved to USA in 1933. Unfortunately, Elsa was diagnosed having heart disease and a problem with her kidney. She died in December, 1936.

In February 1933, Einstein decided to come back to Germany to empower Nazi under Adolf Hitler’s control. When he and his wife were on their way to Belgium, his ship was hit by Nazi army and forced to comeback to Germany. Some months later, he realized that the target of Nazi was Jewish. Knowing that his life was threatened, Einstein decided to go to Belgium and he stayed there for three months before he lived in England. In October 1933, Einstein came back to USA and worked in Princeton University. He got his citizenship of USA in 1940.

In April 1955, Einstein was sick and had a problem with his abdominal aortic aneurysm. Einstein refused to have operation, and he said, “I will go when I will. This life feels flat with a help. I already shared my life, now it’s my time to go and I will do it elegantly.” He passed away in Princeton. During the process of autopsy, the expert of pathology from Princeton hospital removed his brain to be preserved without permission from his family. The pathologist would find out what made him very genius and it could develop nerve science.