Penjelasan Demonstrative Adjective Lengkap!

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Penjelasan Demonstrative Adjective Lengkap! – Demonstrative adjectives adalah kata sifat yang menunjuk kata di dalam kalimat atau menekankan kepentingan makna kata tersebut di dalam kalimat. Ia merupakan kata sifat yang membantu untuk membuat kata benda yang Anda bicarakan menjadi lebih jelas. Dengan kata sifat ini, Anda bisa yakin bahwa pendengar Anda mengetahui tentang kejelasan benda yang sedang Anda sebutkan.

Berikut ini adalah demonstrative adjective yang berbentuk singular (tunggal):

  • This (Ini)
  • That (Itu)
  • Former (yang dulu/mantan)
  • Latter (yang terakhiran)

Demonstrative adjective daam bentuk plural (jamak):

  • These (Ini/ bermakna banyak)
  • Those (Itu/ bermakna banyak)

Contoh demonstrative adjective dalam kalimat:

  • That story is very amazing.
  • This animal is very wild. Be careful!
  • I met him this evening in my dream.
  • They are going to engage this December.
  • These buildings were constructed by the property company.
  • They were living with their aunt at this time.
  • That moment changed her life.
  • Those knives are very sharp.
  • What are those boxes?
  • These shoes fit me very well.
  • Those books are too thick.
  • The former football player became a businessman after he had retired.
  • The latter leader will guide us to the right way.
  • This best moment of my life will be unforgettable.
  • That cat is so cute.
  • This glass is very clean.
  • Can you see that flowers on the hill?
  • Those flowers look beautiful.
  • Do not touch these paintings.


Selain, demonstrative adjective yang telah disebutkan sebelumnya, ada pula demonstrative adjective dalam bentuk angka, contohnya seperti first, second, third, fourth, fifth, etc.

Contoh dalam kalimat:

  • The first thing that I remember about him is he always treats me like a queen.
  • The fifth day of my work training is so fun.
  • In the late twentieth century, technology got started to develop.
  • After I had eaten my second bowl of meat ball, I felt full.
  • For his twenty-fourth birthday party, we bought a car for him.
  • That was my second time that I visited Bali.
  • This is my first experience to go abroad.
  • The sixth child of that family is a famous actress.
  • The tenth anniversary party of my parents will be held in Raja Ampat.
  • The first generation of my father’s family was not known.
  • I will take the coupon for the third time.
  • I was not satisfied with the second recording. Let us make it up once more.

Perbedaan Demonstrative Adjectives and Demonstrative Pronouns

Demonstrative pronouns adalah kata yang sama dengan demonstrative adjectives ( this, that, these, and those). Demonstrative bisa berdiri sendiri sebagai kata ganti benda, sedangkan demonstrative adjective memerlukan kata benda setelahnya. Contohnya:

  • This is very cold. (Demonstrative pronoun)
  • This city is very cold. (Demonstrative adjective)
  • Can you find that? (Demonstrative pronoun)
  • Can you find that book? (Demonstrative adjective)
  • These look beautiful. (Demonstrative pronoun)
  • These dresses look beautiful. (Demonstrative adjective)
  • Go away from those. (Demonstrative pronoun)
  • Go away from those dogs. (Demonstrative adjective)