Pengertian dan Contoh Comparative Adverb dan Superlative Adverb

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Pengertian dan Contoh Comparative Adverb dan Superlative Adverb – Berikut ini, terdapat penjelasan mengenai pengertian serta contoh comparative dan superlative adverb. Semoga bermanfaat.

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives


Mengulas sedikit tentang materi comparative and superlative adjectives untuk mengingat tentang konsep comparative dan superlative.

Comparative adjective digunakan untuk membandingkan sifat dua hal atau dua benda.


Rani is more beautiful than Tije.

(Rani lebih cantik daripada Tije.)

Sedangkan superlative adjective digunakan untuk menunjukkan suatu hal yang sifatnya “paling” diantara hal atau benda lainnya.


Rani, Tije, and Hici are beautiful girls. Hici is the most beautiful girls among her friends.

(Rani, Tije, and Hici adalah gadis gadis cantik. Hici adalah gadis yang paling cantik diantara teman-temannya.)

Comparatives and Superlative of Adverbs

Jika pada comparative dan superlative adjectives yang dibandingkan adalah sifat dari suatu hal atau benda, maka dalam comparative advebs dan superlative adverb yang dibandingkan adalah keterangan cara yang terdapat dalam kalimat atau membandingkan cara yang digunakan subject dalam melakukan suatu aksi.



Adjective Comparative Superlative
Diligent more diligent most diligent
Beautiful more beautiful most beautiful
interesting less interesting least interesting

Adverb     Comparative    Superlative
Quickly     more quickly    most quickly
effectively     more effectively    most effectively
Happily     more happily    most happily



Adverbs Comparative Superlative
soon sooner soonest
loud louder loudest
quick quicker quickest
fast faster fastest
long longer longest
hard harder hardest
sweetly more sweetly most sweetly
angrily more angrily most angrily
brightly more brightly most brightly
abruptly more abruptly most abruptly
frequently more frequently most frequently
quietly more quietly most quietly
carefully more carefully most carefully
happily more happily most happily
anxiously more anxiously most anxiously
perfect more perfect most perfect
assuredly more assuredly most assuredly
graciously more graciously most graciously


Contoh comparative adverbs dalam kalimat:

  • She works more diligently than you think.

(more diligently— comparative of diligently)

  • He dances more beautifully than the other girls do.

(more beautifully — comparative of beautifully)

  • He runs more quickly than his friends do.

(more quickly — comparative of quickly)

  • The system is used less effectively by the workers.

(less effectively — comparative of effectively)

  • Thomas dances less elegantly.

(less elegantly — comparative of elegantly)

  • They finished the project more perfectly than their rival did.

(more perfectly — comparative of perfectly)

Contoh superlative adverbs dalam kalimat:

  • I listened that Juki sang dangdut song best with his new microphone and speakers.

(best — superlative of well)

  • The gift comes fastest than the previous one did.

(fastest — superlative of fast)

  • They walked out of the room most quietly so that we don’t know about it.

(most quietly — superlative of quietly)

  • She answered most angrily.

(most angrily — superlative of angrily)

  • The first group read the poem most sweetly of all.

(most sweetly— superlative of sweetly)

  • Pete smiled least happily of all his friends.

(least happily— superlative of happily)

Tipe Adverb Contoh Cara membentuk comparative adverbs Cara membentuk  Superlative




One Syllable

(satu penggalan)




tambahkan er diakhir kata
tambahkan est diakhir kata


More Than One Syllable

(lebih dari dua penggalan)

Carefully tambahkan less or more
more carefully
tambahkan most or least
most carefully


(tidak teratur)




no rules


no rules

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