Penggunaan dan Contoh Kalimat Some Time, Sometime, Sometimes

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Penggunaan dan Contoh Kalimat Some Time, Sometime, Sometimes – Berikut terdapat penjelasan mengenai some time, sometime, dan sometimes. 🙂

A. Some time

Some time digunakan untuk menunjukkan jumlah waktu dan biasanya menyiratkan makna tentang periode waktu yang lama. Some time juga bisa bermakna quite a while = sebentar.

Contoh Kalimat:

1. Do you have some time to talk to me? We need to discuss.
2. I will take some time to go to Bali with my wife next year. We will go for our second honeymoon.
3. In the hectic days, they still have some time to enjoy reading novel and playing computer games.
4. Be patient! This machine needs some time to process the trash. You cannot directly press the next button.
5. She has gone to Russia for some time to fix her business there.
6. We need some time to finish our science project tomorrow. Don’t bother us for tomorrow.
7. Karina doesn’t listen to the doctor that she should take some time to sleep before going abroad. She looked pale and seemed sick.
8. It may take some time to publish the book because the publisher must edit and check the book first.”

B. Sometime

Sometime bermakna tentang waktu yang akan datang. Kata ini memiliki makna yang sama dengan someday. Sometime bermakna suatu waktu yang tidak spesifik atau belum jelas. Sometime mengindikasikan sebuah waktu di masa depan atau masa lampau yang belum pasti atau belum diketahui atau tidak spesifik/jelas.

Contoh Kalimat:

1. Let’s go to the United States and England sometime.
2. I will be a doctor sometime in the future. I want to help poor people who are sick.
3. The scientists and doctors hope that the can discover the cure for HIV-Aids sometime.
4. I want to build a comfortable big house in the village sometime. That is for my stay in the holiday to relax from the routine activity.
5. Please call me sometime, in case you have any problem with your new washing machine. I will help.
6. Please come visit our grand mother sometime. She misses us very much.
7. I plan to move to Bandung sometime in July this year. I am going to continue my study there.
8. I believe he will visit me to my new place sometime. He is still so busy now.

C. Sometimes

Sometimes memiliki arti kadang-kadang. Sometimes digunakan sebagai adverb of frequency. Sometimes mengindikasikan frekuensi tertentu dari sesuatu yang terjadi.

Contoh Kalimat:

1. Sometimes, we play soccer together on Sunday morning.
(Some of the time we soccer on Sunday, and other times we don’t.)
2. Sometimes I miss our togetherness in Europe. I miss my friends there.
3. Sometimes he looks smart. Sometimes he takes too much time to think without any result.
4. Tika and Tina sometimes jog in the stadium. They want to lose weight but they don’t seem serious to do it.
5. Sometimes, I don’t understand why my friends can eat so much but they never turn fat.
6. I sometimes sing in the bathroom. My voice sounds good.
7. Those couple of lovers sometimes make a drama of life.
8. Sometimes they forget about my birthday.


Sometimes mengindikasikan frekuensi yang bermakna kadang-kadang.

Sometime mengindikasikan suatu waktu di masa depan atau lampau.

Some time mengindikasikan sejumlah waktu.