3 Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Untuk Mengungkapkan Penyesalan

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3 Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Untuk Mengungkapkan Penyesalan – Kali ini, saya akan berbagi materi kepada Anda tentang bagaimana menyatakan atau mengungkapkan rasa sesal di dalam percakapan bahasa Inggris.

Percakapan 1

Tina : Hi Berta. How is your life? I didn’t see you yesterday in my wedding ceremony? Why didn’t you come?

Berta : I’m so sorry, I wish I could come to your wedding ceremony, but my cousins come to visit me before I went. So I couldn’t go. How was your wedding ceremony? It ran smoothly, didn’t it?

Tina : Yeah, All was well. I am so happy now and relieved after getting married.

Berta : That’s great. You have engaged with Hans for 3 year. Yesterday must be the day that you have waited for so long. You inspire me to get married soon. Soon after I finish my master degree. Haha.

Tina : How long it will be? Don’t delay it too long, dear.

Berta : Maybe three or four years ahead. After I finish my master degree then settle my life. Haha. Well, next year I must come to your baby celebration. I wish you will have a baby soon.

Tina : Oh, thank you, Berta. Give me good news soon.

Berta : Alright. Bye, Tina.

Tina : Bye, Berta.

Percakapan 2:

Didi : Where is our cat, Eko?

Eko : At home. Why did you ask about my cat?

Didi : Oh, my God. I told you to care of it and don’t leave it alone. It is dangerous to leave it alone. Did you put in the cage or not?

Eko : Oh, my God. I forgot. I let it be free at home.

Didi : Oh, no. It can go outside from the back yard. I told you to put it in the cage. That cat was so expensive, Eko.

Eko : I’am so sorry. I should do what you told. I forgot to do that. I was hectic these days with my work. I have a lot of work.

Didi : Go home and see it now. Make sure that the cat is fine.

Eko : Ok, I will go home and see it now. Keep calm down, please.

Percakapan 3

Mother : Renata, you came home late today. It is already 9 p.m.

Renata : I am sorry, mom. My phone was off so that I can’t call you. I had a work group discussion at Tania’s house.

Mother : Really?

Renata : Uhmm, yes mom…

Mother : What was wrong with you?

Renata : I am so tired, mom.

Mother : Renata, you know, I saw you playing basketball at school, then you went to the cafeteria with your friends in basketball club. I followed you. Aren’t you telling a lie?

Renata : I am so sorry mom. I am afraid that you will be angry if you know I went to the cafeteria after basketball practice.

Mother : You are a girl. It’s not good to tell a lie like that. Just say to me if you want to go there. I’ll pick you up and I will not feel worried. You make me upset.

Renata : Please forgive me, mom. I now regret having told a lie. I assure you, hereafter, I will never lie to you again.

Mother : Good that you have realised. Be a good girl, honey.