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Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris Tentang Irregular Verbs & Jawaban

Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris Tentang Irregular Verbs & Jawaban – Untuk memperdalam ilmu Anda dalam hal irregular verbs atau kata kerja yang tidak beraturan, Anda bisa mencoba latihan soal berikut ini.

Part A. Complete the sentences by using the appropriate verb form. It can be past form or past participle.

  1. My rabbit…………(sleep) on the grass last night.
  2. The summer course…………..(begin) two weeks ago.
  3. I…………..(take) the gift from my best friends yesterday.
  4. Tata…………..(break) my chair several hours ago.
  5. They…………..(go) to South Korea for honeymoon.
  6. She…………..(see) me but she did not call me.
  7. Tiara…………..(wear) a beautiful dress in her birthday party last week.
  8. I have…………..(read) Andrea Hirata’s book, Laskar Pelangi, last month.
  9. He should have…………..(know) that she was so kind.
  10. Jono…………..(feel) embarrassed because he did not win the game.
  11. We…………..(misunderstand) their intention to invite us in their event.
  12. Have you…………..(write) a letter for your father?
  13. They…………..(hear) a gossip from the society that the fuel price would go down.
  14. He…………..(forget) our anniversary this month.
  15. The children…………..(steal) my heart because of their cuteness.


Part B. Change the verbs in brackets into the past tense. Some are regular and some are irregular.

Yesterday (1. to be) _______________a wonderful day. I (2. get) _______________up at 4am, (3. have)_______________breakfast and then I (4. take) _______________a bath. I (5. wait)_______________ for someone who would put make-up on my face. Yesterday (6. to be)_______________my wedding day. I (7. feel) _______________so nervous. At 7am, my family and I (8. to be) _______________ready. At 8am, my fiancé and his family(9. come)_______________to my house. The ceremony (10. begin) _______________ at 9am. We have (11. invite) _______________many people. Everyone (12. seem)_______________happy seeing us. We finally (13. become) _______________ husband and wife. Many people (14. enjoy) _______________our wedding party. There (15. to be)_______________a lot of kinds of foods and drinks. There (16. to be) _______________ also many performances of our friends. They (17. sing) _______________for us. All of them (18. wish) _______________we (19. will)_______________happily ever after. We (20. hope) _______________ it, too.

C. Change the verbs below into the past tense and put them into the correct place in the sentences

Pay – Think – Drink – See – Eat – Go – Take – Leave – Say – blow

  1. I _______________that he was cute.
  2. My sister _______________a message for me by email.
  3. I _______________to Lombok island with my husband for honeymoon.
  4. I _______________too much meat today. I am not feeling well now.
  5. He _______________some foods for his family.
  6. I _______________lemonade made by Cinta yesterday.
  7. He _______________a balloon for his nephew.
  8. I _______________my friends sitting at park. They had picnic together.
  9. They _______________that I was thin. Now, I am fatter.
  10. The house was expensive and we _______________it by our credit card..



Part A.

  1. Slept
  2. began
  3. took
  4. broke
  5. went
  6. saw
  7. wore
  8. read
  9. known
  10. felt
  11. misunderstood
  12. written
  13. heard
  14. forgot
  15. stol


Part B.

  1. Was
  2. Got
  3. Had
  4. Took
  5. Waited
  6. Was
  1. Felt
  2. Were
  3. Came
  4. Began
  5. Invited
  6. seemed
  7. became
  8. enjoyed
  9. were
  10. were
  11. sang
  12. wished
  13. would
  14. hoped

Part C.

  1. Thought
  2. Left
  3. Went
  4. Ate
  5. Took
  6. Drank
  7. Blew
  8. Saw
  9. Said
  10. Paid

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