Penggunaan preposisi “Of”, “To”, and “For”

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Penggunaan preposisi "Of", "To", and "For"

Cara mudah belajar bahasa Inggris – Kali ini teman-teman akan mempelajari bagaimana penggunaan preposisi of, to, dan for.




Digunakan untuk kepemilikan, berkaitan dengan:
The key of this game is that you cannot ever win.
The emphasize of the show is at the end.
The last page of the book describes the writer’s profile.
Don’t touch it. That’s the book of my friend’s sister.
I always dreamed of being handsome and popular.
Digunakan untuk menunjukkan referensi:
I got married in the winter of 2009.
This is a painting of my family.
I had a discount of 15 percent on the purchase.
Digunakan untuk menunjukkan jumlah atau nomor:
I drank four cups of tea.
A large number of people gathered to mke a demonstration.
I had only four hours of sleep during the last two days.
He got a great score of 5 on his mathematics assignment.



Digunakan untuk menunjukkan tempat, orang, seseorang atau sesuatu yang bergerak ke suatu arah:
She is heading to the entrance of the building.
The package was mailed to Mr. Wibawa last morning.
All of us went to the cinema.
Please send it back to us.
Digunakan untuk menunjukkan batas atau titik akhir:
Water rising up to the roof.
The stock prices rose up to 300 dollars.
Digunakan untuk menunjukkan hubungan:
This system is very important to learn.
Her answer to your question is in this envelop.
Do not respond to every little thing in your life.



Digunakan untuk menunjukkan penggunaan sesuatu:
This is a place for enjoying the beach atmosphere.
I made bread for your arrival.
I put a note on the door or alert.
He has been practicing for next year’s championship.
Digunakan untuk kalimat yang berarti karena (because of):
He was very proud for me.
We are very happy for your success.
For all of this, I have decided that relationship.
Digunakan untuk menunjukkan waktu atau durasi:
He’d have a million dollars only for a few decades
I go to school for a few months.
All property is just enough for today.