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Melalui post kali ini, saya akan memberikan contoh artikel bahasa Inggris tentang olahraga. Pada dasarnya, artikel berikut ini ingin memberikan informasi kepada Anda bahwa ada 10 olahraga yang bisa Anda lakukan di kantor bahkan dengan hanya duduk dan tanpa beranjak dari tempat duduk Anda. Bagaimana? Ini termasuk artikel bahasa Inggris yang menarik bukan?
Silakan simak contoh Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Olahraga terbaru ini. Selamat membaca. 

Contoh Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Olahraga


10 Office Exercises You Can Do

Who said you cannot do an exercise while sitting on the office? Exercise is an activity that you can do anytime and anywhere, including in a chair where you work. Sitting too long at work can make your muscle is tense and causing muscle pain in certain parts such as the neck and back. If it continues for a long time, these habits can disrupt your health and your job.
So, to prevent this, what you need to do is exercise in the office to keep your body fit and healthy during work. Here are 10 ways to exercise in the office you can do when you do not have time to move from your seat.
Warm Up
You can begin to exercise in the office by way of warming up first. The trick is while sitting in your chair, stretch on your fingers, then make a circular motion at the wrist and foot, continue to stretch the neck muscles by pulling it towards your chest slowly.
Side Neck stretches
This exercise serves to stretch the neck muscles and prevent you from neck pain from sitting too long. The trick is sitting upright, tilting the neck to the shoulders slowly, and holding for 10 seconds. Do it with an upright body position.
Shoulder Shrug
Shoulder is an area that often experience pain when you are doing the activity. Examples of movements to prevent shoulder pain is, sitting up straight, lifting the shoulders upwards to near the ear, and holding for 3-5 seconds, lower the shoulders back to the normal position, repeat 3-4 times.
Chair Sit To Stand
This is an example of a simple exercise in the office for you. Simply stand up and then sit down and stand up again, do it for 30 minutes. This movement is good to train your body balance.
Swimming Exercise
The same exercise movements with the movement when you swim. With a sitting position, move your hands like you do in a swimming.
Back Side – Stretch
This exercise can help relieve stiffness in the back from sitting too long. The trick is sitting up straight and lifting both arms straight up with both hands intertwined. Tilt your body to the left and right slowly to stretch the back muscles.
Jumping Rope
Have you ever jumped rope? You can do it in your chair. How is the way? In a sitting position, lift your legs together as if you do jump rope. This exercise is good for leg muscles.
Middle Back Stretch
This is a good exercise to train shoulders and arms simultaneously, so you will avoid cramping or tingling. The trick is sitting up straight, holding the left elbow with your right hand and moving. Furthermore, you need to push the left elbow towards the right shoulder. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat on the right side elbow.
Back and Leg Curl
It can stretch the knee and thigh muscles when you can perform this movement. How is the way? When sitting in a chair, holding your right foot in front of the calf and lifting the leg while bent. Position the body slightly bent forward and holds your nose towards the knees. Repeat for the left leg.
Leg lifts
It helps to stretch the thigh and calf muscles simultaneously. The trick is sitting upright on the edge of the seat, then lifting your right leg from the floor and holding it until a few moments. Make sure the legs remain straight when removed. Lower the leg back, and repeat with the left leg.
Well, easy right? Whatever the circumstances, you cannot just pass the time of exercise, including when you have the opportunity to exercise in the office. Body health is the main thing of life, which you can only get if you accustom yourself to exercise anywhere and anytime. Happy practicing!
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