Cerita Dalam Bahasa Inggris Berbentuk Drama Percintaan

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Cerita dalam bahasa Inggris dalam bentuk cinta mungkin amat digemari oleh para remaja. Cerita bahasa Inggris yang ada di bawah ini dikemas dalam bentuk drama sehingga tidak membuat Anda jenuh dalam membacanya. Tanpa banyak berkata-kata lagi, saya hadirkan sebuah cerita dalam bentuk drama khusus kepada Anda semua. Selamat membaca. 

Cerita Dalam Bahasa Inggris (Drama) Tentang Cinta

Friend and Love
Karine changes her clothes because of Nora has waiting for her, they want to hang out with their friends. Then Karine permission to her parents
Nora:  “Dad Mom I want to go with Nora and Friends”
Mom: “ok” be careful.
She was walking in front of her house, then she saw in her neighbor’s yard, there is a handsome boy that was sitting on his motorcycle and he is smiling to her and Karine gave it back and she felt nervous.
Karine: (Sayto herself) “Oh My God, so handsome”
Nora: Let’s go Karine!”
Karine:Ok,.Nora, do you know that boy, so handsome isn’t he?”
Nora: “Yes he is, but I don’t know him, actually who is he?”
Karine: (with confusing expression)
When they arrive in the Coffee Shop, their friends have already ordered the coffee and foods. 
Friend: “Karine, just order the foods please!”
Karine&Nora:”Ok,, we are going to order it, (with a little smile)
Karine: “guys let’s go home, because it is quite evening
Friends:”Yes,, we think so”
When arrived home, Karine took a bath and then watching TV. After that she dinner with her family and then she listen to music in her bedroom. A few minutes later there is a message sent to her and the message is about a boy and the name is Efan, he wants to know more about her and Karine is replythat message. Afterwards the boy called her and her answer the phone and they introduce themselves each other.
Efan:“Hello Karine, what are you doing?”
Karine: “I’m listening to music”
Efan: (Nervous and shy) Karine, “may I visit your home, tomorrow?”
Karine: : “Ok Efan, you may”
And the next day, Efan visits Karine’s house with one of his friends and the name is Ogie. At first sight age has love to Karine, but he silent and does not want to tell Efan about it. Karine leaves them for a while and back with a cold tea and a cake.
Efan:“Karine what is your activity now?”
Karine: (Putting a plate of cake and two cups of tea on to the table) Oh,, ehm I’m a student”, “how about you Efan?”
Efan:“I’m a student too but now I am just waiting for graduation day on me”
Karine: (See to the boy besides Efan) “Ogie how about you?”
Ogie: (With happy and smile expression) “I have finished my study”
Ogie: “Efan.. Let’s go home!! It is looks want to rain and the weather looks so dark”
Efan :“ok, let’s go back”
Efan & Ogie: “Karine thanks for all!!”
Karine:  “you’re welcome”.
In his bedroom Efan was thinking of Karine, he falls in love with Karine,
Efan: (Talk to himself on the mirror) “Karine, you’re so beautiful and also kind”.
In different places Ogie was thinking of Karine
Efan: “gee, I always think of herself” (Lay down himself on the bed directly)
Ogie:Who?” (Curious feeling),
Efan:She is Karine, I think that I love her”
Ogie: (Tells to himself) “Efan, as you know, Karine is mine, I love her and I will never allow other people pick her up from me”
Efan: (Yawning) “Gie it’s my late time, I’m tired and so sleepy, let me back home!!”
Ogie: “Ok, be careful”.
Efan and Ogie invite Karine and Nora go to some romantic place in their village, but Ogie jealous to Karine because Karine and Efan look friendly and really happy
Ogie: “ ha ha.. It is punishment for you, because you have picked her up”, “Nora, my mother called me, and she wants me back home”,
Nora: “Ok, but before that we must tell to Efan and Karine,
Ogie: “Let’s go there!!
Efan:“Guys we have to back home because I have something that I have to do”
Karine: “No problem
After two hours later,,
Karine: (Watching her watch) “Fan let’s go home!!”
Efan: “Ok”
Then they followed the street and walking to the place that Efan parking his motorcycle.
Efan & Karine:(Surprise expression)
Karine: “What’s wrong with your wheel?”
Karine: “Efan let’s bring your motorcycle to garage”
Efan: “Yes”
In Karine’s house,
Mom: “Karine, how was the travelling?”
Karine:Just so Mom”
Karine: (Close the door)  
Ogie: “Efan, as far as I know Karine has a boyfriend and they love each other”
Efan:Are you sure?”
Ogie: Yes, actually her friend has told me about that”
Efan: (Look believe and disappointed because of that) Karine you are a liar and I hate you.
One week later, Efan came to Karine’s house and he angry with her.
Efan:“Karine you are a liar!!!” Why are you lying to me??”
Karine: “Lie about what?”
Efan:“You have a boyfriend and you never told me before”
Karine: “I don’t have boy friend”
Efan: “I know you have a boyfriend, because Ogie has told me.
Karine: “Down and sad
Karine: “Nora,, I really sad, because Efan judge me that I have a boy friend, and he said that Ogie has told him about it”
Nora:Ok, doesn’t worry Karine, I’ll help you to make it true and I’ll meet again”
Karine: Ok, please help me Nora, because I don’t know what I have to do, actually I really love Efan, and I don’t want he hate me”.
Nora: “Efan as you know that boy is our best friend, so you don’t need to feel jealous”
Efan: “Are you sure?”
Nora: “Yes, of course”
Efan: “Oh My God, I did wrong to Karine” and I have to ask apologize to her
Nora: “That’s good”
ThenEfan meetsKarine directly. He apologizes to Karine and he tellsto Karine that he loves her.
Efan: “Karine, I do really sorry because of that”
Karine: “Ok fan, and I hope you will never make me feel sad and disappointed with all of it”
Efan: “I love you Karine”
Karine: “Love you too Efan”
Finally they fell happy together because of love.
Semoga Cerita Dalam Bahasa Inggris Berbentuk Drama Percintaan diatas memberikan manfaat kepada Anda. 

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