Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Sehari-Hari Terbaru

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Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Sehari-Hari Terbaru merupakan bentuk percakapan yang dikemas dalam drama percintaan. Saat Anda ingin mendapatkan percakapan bahasa Inggris dengan berbagai bentuk yang berbeda, Anda juga bisa membaca artikel saya yang berjudul 7 Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Tempat Berbeda. Oke, silakan simak contoh percakapan berikut ini. 

Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 

Long distance Relationship
Baby: Beb, you have to be ready because 20 minutes later I will arrive to your student housing..
Dania: Ok, I will be ready for it. (Smiling and looking at the phone)
In her room Dania directly takes a bath and sing a song her bathroom because she is very happy and the baby will come to her student housing, after 1 hour actually Dania has finished and ready for hosting baby, but baby comes late. Actually Dania is bored but when she remembers that her boyfriend will come that feeling is lost. 


Tiinggg toong… There is a song messege in Dania’s phone, when she read it, that’s true that message from her boyfriend,


Radith: Beb, I have arrived here and please pick me up in the aisle ok,,?


Dania: Ok, I will come soon… (Smiling)


Dania has waiting in the aisle, and there is no Radith, (boring) .. Hmm,, after a minute later Radith comes, Dania feels so happy… And then they walk together to Dania’s student housing. In that student housing Dania has prepared some foods for Radith,


Dania: This is for you, just take it and eat it first while waiting for me to prepare the bag.


Radith: Ok, I will try it.


While Radith eats the foods, Dania prepared the bag and then when she finished they will go directly to West Java,. They get on the bus go to the place, and then they arrived in west Java. In west Java they stay in babies student housing..


Dania: Beb, where should I live in this city? And Radith say, just stay in my room then..  Dania says, how could? I’m afraid if I stay in your room the people around you even your neighbors will say something about us because we haven’t married yet , we are illegal couple, aren’t we?


Radith: It’s ok, in this place, the people are very individual, they don’t want to care about the other. They just like living alone.


Dania: Ok.. If like that I will stay in your room.


Dania stays in Radith’s room but they do not sleep together,, because the Radith sleeps in his friend’s room next to him..

Next morning…


tok tok…. There is someone who knocking the door,,


Dania: Ya,, just wait for a moment,, who are you? “Just me” Radith sit… “Ok, just what I will open the door”


Ngeeekkkkk…. The door is opened by Dania, beb, your face looks beautiful when you get up from your sleep.. (Laughing) huhhfffttt you insult me?…. “I will kill you” (with an expression very angry)


Radith: Beb, just take a bath, because we are going to go some romantic places in this city…


Dania: Ok, I will…. (Go to bathroom,)


After taking a bath they directly go to the Tangkuban Perahu mountain,, because this mountain is one of the most favorite mountain in west Java.. In this mountain they directly take a picture and walking around the mountain… Over for about 4 hours they break even move to another place, that is tea garden.. In this tea garden they also take a picture and they order some foods because since the morning they did not eat anything…


Dania: Beb, you know I’m very happy to stay here with you,, because, the view over here is beautiful, very fresh, it can make me enjoy, happy and awesome.. How happy I am right now, because of the condition and also because of you, you accompany me, beside me and always care of me, thank you for being my partner. (Hug Radith)


Radith: Me too beb, I also feel happy, happy because of you, thank you for always love me and always understand me in any cases.. Love you (hug Dania)


After that, the foods that were ordered by them served by the waiter.. And then they eat together…


Dania: what do you think about the food? Is it ok?


Radith: of course, because I make love stay,, especially “Rabbit Satay”


Dania: actually I am afraid to eat the rabbit, because it is a kind of cute animal and I think I feel so pity if there is a rabbit is killed and then they made it as the stay….


Radith: It is ok Dania, you don’t need to afraid, just eat it (Radith seat)


Dania: try to eat it,, Emmy I think they taste the same as general meat (cow’s meat)


Radith: yeah,, that’s right,, so if you like it, just eat it all…


After they eat, they feel so full… And they feel so lazy to continuing the journey, and finally they take a break in that tea garden… In that tea garden they continue to take a picture, and afterward they continue their journey… Because they get on the motorcycle, they can walk through the street easily even in that city there is a traffic jam they can arrive in Radith’s student housing quickly.


In Radith’s student housing they take a break, and take a bath,, as usual,, Radith go to his friend’s room. After for about 2 hours..


Radith: Beb, open the door please…!


Dania: Ok, wait a while, (then Dania opens the door)


Radith: Beb, we are going to continue our night journey, and we will walk around this city, ok, let’s go…


They walk together, how happy they are because they can be together, unfortunately that night is the last time they can be together because Dania will back to Jakarta.


They back home at 00:00 AM and go bed directly.


At 9:00 AM Dania should go to Jakarta and leave Radith alone, and they will do Long Distance Relationship,


Dania: Goodbye my love, please keep my heart till we can meet again, I love you :*


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