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Cerpen bahasa Inggris bisa kita dapatkan melalui banyak sumber. Saat ini, ada banyak orang yang mencari cerpen bahasa Inggris mulai dari anak sekolah hingga remaja yang duduk di bangku kuliah. Cerpen yang mereka cari biasanya digunakan dalam kaitannya dengan pembelajaran bahasa Inggris. Jika Anda mencari berbagai jenis cerpen dalam bahasa Inggris, silakan lihat artikel ini karena disini terdapat satu cerpen dan satu drama bahasa Inggris sederhana.
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Cerpen dan Drama Bahasa Inggris


We Love you All

I’m Cintia 15 years old. My mom died 4 years ago, now I only live with my Father. Actually I am going to explain you about my story, the true story of my life. This story may be will make everyone who reads it will feel sad and the tears will slide down onto their face.
Actually I live in  the happy family, why I say so? Because since I was born My parents are the kind of parents who really care to their children. My younger Sister “July” also live happily with us. Because when we want something, our parents always give it to us. At that time, I still remember, when my younger sister wants to get a new bag meanwhile her old bag still good but my dad directly by the new bag for her without say anything without complaining about anything. I know just like all parents sometimes they still complain to their children when their children want to get a new thing from their parents.

The same as my younger sister, I also get the same thing by my parents, at that time, when I also want to get a new thing, my dad and my mom directly to take it from me. I don’t know why my parents act like that, may be because they don’t know how to give the proof to their child, how love them to us. But, I also think that their actions sometimes wrong because when they act like that it means that they make us become someone who cannot stand on our own feet.
When I was 11, my mom died.. At that time, I went to school and there is a phone from aunty Mika (The helper in my home) “Cintia,, please come back home, because your mom sick and you have to back home and see even hug her” “Ok, aunty Mika I will back home” Listen that I really sad, Remember about what aunty Mika  said, I feel so tired and like there is no bone in my body.. And finally there one of my friend accompany me to back to my home.
When I arrive home, the people so busy, I see there is a yellow flag, you know a yellow flag is the symbol if there is someone who die. I run quickly into my home. I cry and scream….. “Moooooooommmmmmmm,, why are you leaving me,,, ? Mom,, I want to accompany you please take my mom …!!!” Actually my sister also does like me, she cannot stop her cry and scream.. “Mooommmm… I want to join you,, don’t leave me alone” and do you know my dad… He fainted, after he wakes his eyes up “My wife, why are you leaving us,, I cannot live without you, you are my true friend my true love my everything, you say you will stay with me till the end, we will see our daughter’s grown up,, we will let them marry to the one whom they love”……
1 month, the time goes by we start to think that our mother has already happy in the heaven. 2 months,, 3 months and then 1 year… We feel that we are happy although our mom cannot a company our life again, we feel that our mom keeps us and still in our surroundings.
At that time, my dad back home with his female friend,, when I and my sister back home from our school… “Cynthia, July… I want to say something to you” hear that,, I answer “What is that dude? Please… Tell us!” … “Actually I am going to marry this woman, her name is aunty Ellan,,” I cannot accept that,, but I think I cannot be someone who cannot make their parents feel happy. Because if my dad happy I and my sister also will feel happy, then aunty Ellan also looks kind and love us.
Next week my dad and awe, aunty Ellan is getting married and aunty Ellan look happy with our dad… After a day when we finish their wedding party.. My dad has to go abroad because of his work. “My wife,, you have to keep our daughters because I will go to New York for a 1 week” ,, “Ok, Honey don’t worry I will keep them the same as my own daughters” ,, “Cintia, July… You have to follow what aunty Ellan say”,, “Ok dad,, please be careful”…. Then my dad goes to new York….
The next day,, there is a phone to us that our dad passed away because of the plane accident… Listen that I feel so sad with my sister,, but aunty Ellan still keep and care for us… “Cynthia, July you don’t need to worry because I will become your truly mother do not think that I will leave you alone, because although you are not my own daughters, but I love you so much I have promised to your dad that I will keep you in my whole life… (Aunty Ellan, hug me and July) … “Thank you aunty Ellan,, I love you too”…
After a month,, we live only with aunty Ellan, aunty Ellan so kind she is like our mother,, she picks us up from the school and always cook for me,, I am very happy to have aunty Ellan in my life, because aunty Ellan gives the same thing with what our parents did.


Thank you aunty Ellan,, We love you so much :*
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My Lovely Friend

Cheryyylll,, Get up!!! Oh my God! Do you know what time is it?
It is 07:00 A.M., you know? We are going to have a subject for about 15 minutes later. “Ok, I know it, but why should I get up late?”  “It’s because you overslept . “Ok I will directly take a bath and then we will go to college”. “No!! You don’t need to take a bath, because we will later if you do that.


After a minute..


Cheryl: Oh,,, finally we arrive to our class,, and we do not late,, he he (laughing)


Cian: Ya,, you alright, we do not late, but because of your action we have neouvous come to the class. 


In the class….


Mr. Erion: Well student, just show me your assignments,,, 


Cheryl: “O M G,,, what the hell is that,,, I did not bring mine,,,” (with expression dissappointed) 


Cian: “Hmmmm,,, how pitty you are Cheryl,, (Gives her littel smile) and gives her assignment to Mr. Erion.


Mr. Erion: Ok, the student, is there any one of you who can’t help me to answer even explain about the answer in front of the class, (look at the students)
Cheryl: well, sir me!, (Rise up her hand)


Mr. Erion: Ok,, please  come on (give the marker to Cheryl)
Other friends in the class are busy with their job, there are people who write about the answer and in other hand there are people only sit down on their chairs. Meanwhile Cian just looks at Cheryl in front of the class, while she busy write about the answer on the white board.
Mr. Erion: Cheryl,, is that enought? (Look at the white board)
Cheryl: Yes, Sir!


Ok, is there any one of you want to give your another opinion toward a Cheryl’s answer? Mr. Erion said…
Cian: Me,, sir! 


Mr. Erion: ok you Cian,, 


While Cian do writing,, another friends also busy with themselves.
Mr. Erion: Good then,, actually both Cian and Cheryl are correct,,, and I give you 100 points (Smiling)
All students: horeeee (give applause)
After the class Cian and Cheryl go to canteen, as usual they always take breakfast in their campus’ canteen, and they talk together in that place. After for about 20 minutes, they leave the canteen and then they go to “Lorong”, or “Lojid” they actually sit over there and generally the students always sit there and Lojid become the favorite place for the students in that college.
Teeeeeetttttttt,,, the bell is ringing, so Cheryl and Cian go to their second class. In the class they talk together with their friends, and like usual they sometime busy with the assignment and there is also busy with their gadget like HP and also their laptop.


Mr. Sam: Hello, students good morning? 


All students: Hi Sir, good morning..
Mr. Sam: are you ready for your presentation today? (Look serious with the students) , Cheryl, is today the time for your group to do a presentation..? 


Cheryl: No Sir, our group will present next meeting, now I think Aldy’s group (look at her friends)


all friends: yes sir, we think so..

Mr. Sam: so where are they now? (With confuse expression)


Cian: May be they do not come sir..


Mr Sam: OMG maybe they do not ready for today, well students if there are of you want to become presenter today I will give you extra score…
While listen that, all students talk together and they really want to be a presenter today.. After for about 5 minutes, Chika’s group goes in front and become a presenter today, they will present about their interesting material that is about psychology from one of the characters in the movie.


They present it, all of the students are listening and then they are preparing some critical questions and also some opinions that they will give to that group. This action influenced by their lecturer that is Mr. Sam, because he is the kind of critical lecturer at that college. So, sometimes he pushes his students become a critical student also at every meeting the students should give their questions and also their opinions toward the group that become the presenter in that day.
While Chika’s group is done they directly get some opinions by Mr. Sam, and as usual Mr. Sam gives some revise toward the paper also.


The class is finished by the bell, and then all of them go  out the class. Out of the class they directly do some activities that usually they want to do just like talking to each other, and also discuss the time when they will do their group assignments.


Cheryl and Cian go back to their dormitory, because they live so far away from their parents, Cheryl’s parent lives 4 spaces from the city where they live right now, and Cian’s parent lives next to the city where Cheryl’s parent lives.
In that dormitory they really close each other, because since they met at the first time they went to college they never so far away even they like a couple or best friend forever.
The next day,,


The time for about 8:30 AM, Cheryl and Cian have already wanted to go to their college, because they will start their class at 9 AM, on the way they go to college they talking about some gossips and also about their subjects. 


Cian: Ryl, today our group will present about the subject right, (smiling)


Cheryl: Of course, and I’m ready for it (Smiling)


Cian: So where is the material?


Cheryl: (Looking at her back) OMG I am sorry… I leave it in my bedroom.


Cian: Hmmmm,, Cheryyyyylllll!!!! (Expression very angry)    
Semoga Membantu..