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Miss Ghost World, itulah judul sebuah drama Bahasa Inggris yang kali ini dikemas dalam kesan Komedi plus Horor. Drama yang kreatif ini, merupakan karya-karya mahasiswa dari Universitas Lampung dan dipentaskan saat kelas drama berlangsung. 
Ini merupakan drama yang sangat menghibur dan tidak ada unsur menyeramkan meskipun mempunyai genre horor. Bercerita mengenai pemilihan nona paling cantik dan menarik di dunia hantu. Dikemas dengan gaya cerita yang unik, sangat kreatif dan inspiratif.
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kelompok yang membuat drama ini beranggotakan :


Miss Ghost World

Once upon a time, in the ghost world, beside the human world, the ghosts live peace and happily. They do their activity like human in generally. In every year, the ghost has one special event. It calls Miss Ghost World’s Contest. The contest is followed by the entire ghost representative in ghost world. The invitation is posted in all of the part in the ghost world.
One day in the dark castle, there lived an old witch. She was chosen as the representative from the west part. She sat on the chair and drank a cup of coffee while was reading the invitation.
The Witch       : “Hmm, It’s a beautiful letter!” (Open the envelope)
  “WHAT! It’s the letter of Miss Ghost World. Oh, I will be the finalist in that contest. I can’t believe it!” (Kneel)
The Witch felt so happy accepting the invitation. But she was so arrogant and thought that she must be the winner. She has a magic power. With her magic stick and flight broom she can do anything. She also has a magic mirror and she can see everything from it. After accepting the invitation, she’s looking at her magic mirror to see her competitors…
The Witch       : “Well…wait…wait…wait..! This is a big and famous contest. There must be so many ghosts from many countries will join it. Ohh… I must win this contest and I’ll do everything to be the winner. I wouldn’t give them the chance. I am the winner… Yeah, I am the winner…hihihi…uhuk…uhuk… Ohh, a mosquito enters my mouth. It’s ok. I hope it can find the peace in my stomach…”
(Walked to the magic mirror)
The Witch       : “Now, I will look to my magic mirror. I am wondering to know all of my competitors, the finalists of Miss Ghost World…”
(Spelling some magic spells…)
The Witch       : “Magic Mirror on the wall! Show me the all of Miss Ghosts World’s contestants…”
(When the Witch said the magic spells, the mirror was showing the Sadako playing the origami in Japan)
Sadako            : “Hmm, it’s a great creation! It’s so beautiful. There’s no ghost can make a bird like this…”
(Then, the mirror showed the second contestant. It’s a Vampire)
Vampire          : (brush her teeth)
“Hmm…hmm…hmm… Haiia,, it’s a sharp teeth ever!”
(After that, the magic mirror showed the Mummy. It’s the third contestant)
Mummy           : “Hoo… How poor I am! Look at my body! It’s full of bandage and it always loose from my body. Anybody want to help me? Hoo…”
The Witch      : “Hihihi… Oh, how poor you are! Show me the next!”
(This time, it showed the Werewolf and Kuntilanak)
Werewolf        : “Auuuumm… Look at my nails! It’s so beautiful. I can win the contest with this…”
Kuntilanak      : “Hihihi… My hair is so long and black. It’s also a multifunctional hair. It can use to sweep, clean the dust, and protect me from the mosquitoes…hihihi…”
The Witch       : “Ughh… they are hard rivals. I must defeat them because no one ghost can win this contest, except me! Hihihi…”
All of the contestants from many countries, one by one, came to the place where the contest would be held and were collected in the dormitory. They will live together in a week before the competition begins. The first comer was Sadako…
Sadako                        : “Where is the other ghost? Why is the place so silent? In Japan, we are always on time.”
(Then comes Vampire)
Vampire          : “Haiia… there is still one ghost in here. I think I am the first ghost that comes here.”
Sadako            : “Hi, I am Sadako from Japan. Nice to meet you”
Vampire          : “Haiia… I am Vampire from China. Nice to meet you too”
(When they’re talking, there comes Mummy…)
Mummy           : “Hoo… Is there anybody who can help me? I feel difficult to walk!”
Vampire          : “Haiia… Who are you?”
Mummy           : “Owh… I’m the finalist of this contest.”
Vampire & Sadako     : “Finalist?”
Mummy           : “Yeah, I’m Mummy from Egypt.”
Sadako            : “Hi, you’re an amazing ghost. Your costume is so nice. You don’t waste the costume, do you?”
Mummy           : “Hoo… Don’t be crazy! I always feel the cold everyday because of my poor bandages. It can’t protect me from the wind.”
Werewolf        : “Auuummm… What a silent place!”
(Suddenly the Werewolf came and when she’s arrived, the Witch came and hit the Werewolf)
Werewolf        : “Heii!!! What’s wrong with you? Are you blind?!”
The Witch       : ‘Ooh, my hat…! Where is my hat? My flight broom…! Where are they?”
When the Witch and Werewolf still fight each other and the other tried to separate them, there was Kuntilanak who’s coming at last.
Kunti               : “Huft, it’s a far and a tired trip! Hey, you grandma, give me a glass of water, please. Hurry up!”
The Witch       : “What! Me..? You call me grandma?! Don’t you look my beautiful face…and I’m not your maid!”
Mummy           : “Sto…p! Don’t fight here. It’s not a fight arena!”
Sadako                        : “Haiik, that’s true.”
Vampire          : “Come on, let’s enter the house!”
(When they were getting in the house, there was a Dracula who’s already waited for their coming)
Dracula            : “Hey ladies! Welcome to the Miss Ghost World’s dormitory. Has everyone already come?”
All Ghosts       : “Yes.”
Dracula            : “Well, I’ll explain you about this contest. You’re the representatives of your each country who’s been selected to be the finalist of Miss Ghost World. You’ll compete to get the crown of Miss Ghost World for this year. This contest will divide into three sections; the first is Scares Contest, the second is Quick and Smart, and the last is Modeling Contest. Any questions?”
All Ghosts       : “NO…”
Dracula            : “Ok, now you can take a rest and prepare yourself to get the best. I’ll see you soon, good bye!”
The all ghosts started to live in the dormitory together and prepared everything they need to be the winner. Although they were in competition, they tried to be friendly each other, except the Witch of course. In the spare time, they told their story about how they died.
The day is coming. Dracula as the presenter of the Miss Ghost World Contest opened the show. All of the contestants were ready to compete to be the Miss Ghost World.
Dracula            : “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Miss Ghost World contest… Before we start the competition, let me introduce the all of contestants. The first is Miss Sadako from Japan… Next there is Miss Vampire from China… Then Miss Mummy from Egypt… Miss Werewolf from America…Miss Witch from England… and the last is Miss Kuntilanak from Indonesia… Ok, now for all of the contestants, take your own place.”
(Dracula asked them to be ready, and the first contest was Scares Contest)
Dracula            : “Ladies, are you ready?”
All Ghosts       : “Yes, we’re ready.”
Dracula            : “Ok, the first is Scares Contest. Please show your scariest face to the audiences, one by one, please.”
(One by one, the ghosts showed their scariest action)
Dracula            : “Thank you ladies. Now we’ll come to the second part, the Quick and Smart Contest. Be ready ladies!”
(Then the Dracula asked some questions to all of the contestants and there’s a fierce competition between them. After this sections finished, it continued with the last sections. That was Modeling Sections.)
Dracula            : “Ok ladies, finally we come to the last part of this contest. It’s a Modeling Contest. For this section, I’ll give you 30 minutes to prepare and make over. You may go to the backstage now.”
(Then the contestants went to the changing room)
This time the Witch made a crafty thing. She made the stage slippery and also other crafty thing for the other contestants.
After 30 minutes…
Dracula            : “For all of the contestants, please come to the stage! Here comes the first contestant… Miss Mummy!”
Mummy           : (slipped) “Aah… Oh no! What is this?”
Dracula            : “Miss Mummy, are you ok? Well, here we go. Please coming the next contestant, Miss Vampire!”
(When the Vampire entered the stage, suddenly she can’t move because there’s a magic paper stamp in her forehead)
Dracula            : “Oh, I think there must be something wrong. But, we have to continue this with the next contestant. Miss Sadako!”
Sadako                        : (walk on the catwalk) “Ouwh…”
Dracula            : “Miss Sadako, what are you doing? You should have to turn back!”
Sadako                        : “Yeah, but there’s something blew my hair until it closed my eyes.”
Dracula            : “Come on Sadako. Why don’t you say that you just can walk straight? Ok, next. Come in Miss Werewolf!”
Werewolf        : (Running to chase the meat) “Hmm, that’s so delicious!”
Dracula            : “Miss Werewolf… Miss Werewolf… Ouwh, where is she going? Ah, forget about her. Let’s continue with Miss Kuntilanak!”
(Miss Kunti walked on the catwalk and showed her extra long hair. This time the Witch was failed to trap the Kunti)
Dracula            : “Good Miss Kunti! And the last, Miss Witch show me your best!”
(The Witch performed with overconfidence because she thought that it’s impossible to the other contestants to win the contest.)
Dracula            : “Thank you ladies. You’ve already done all of your best. Congratulations!”
Dracula            : “Now, It’s the time to announce who is the winner and be the Miss Ghost World for this year… Be ready girls! And, the Miss Ghost World of this year is…… Oh, it’s the first time in the Miss Ghost World History, the contestant from… Indonesia! Miss Kunti… you’re the Miss Ghost World! Congratulations! Give a big applause for her!”
The Witch       : “What! No, it’s impossible. It must be me as the winner!”
Dracula            : “No Miss Witch. You’re sly, I know that.”
The Witch       : “How do you know that?!”
Dracula            : “Because I also have a magic just like you! And now, I’ll turn you to be a frog!”
The Witch       : “Noooooo……!!!”
Then all of the contestants make a party to celebrate the Miss Kunti’s winning. After that they came back to their own countries…


Meski drama ini mempunyai unsur komedi horor, namun sejatinya ada banyak unsur pembelajaran bagi kita semua. Salah satunya adalah drama bahasa Inggris ini mengajarkan kepada kita untuk tetap jujur dalam setiap kondisi apapun dan apabila kita sedang berada di dalam sebuah persaingan, maka bersainglah secara sehat. Terima kasih, dan semoga drama bahasa Inggris di atas bermanfaat untuk Anda.