Kosa Kata Bahasa Inggris Part of Body dan Contoh Kalimatnya

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Kosa Kata Bahasa Inggris Part of Body dan Contoh Kalimatnya – Terdapat contoh-contoh kosakata tentang anggota tubuh lengkap dengan contoh kalimatnya. 🙂

Part of Body Artinya
head Kepala
arm lengan
back Punggung
Waist pinggang
Buttocks bokong
Leg Kaki
face Wajah
Chest Dada
Stomach Perut
hip Panggul
hand Tangan
Foot Tapak kaki
eye Mata
Eyebrow Alis
Nose Hidung
Mouth mulut
Chin Dagu
Hair Rambut
Ear Telinga
Lips Bibir
Neck Leher
Nail Kuku
Thumb Jempol
Finger Jari tangan
Wrist Pergelangan tangan
Palm Telapak tangan
shoulder bahu
Forearm Lengan bawah
upper arm Lengan atas
Elbow Siku
knee Lutut
Thigh paha
calf Betis
ankle Mata kaki
heel Tumit
forehead Dahi
Eyelid Kelopak mata
Eyelash Bulu mata
Cheek Pipi
Teeth Gigi (banyak)
Tooth Gigi (satu)
Tongue Lidah
Brain Otak
Throat Tenggorokan
artery Pembuluh darah (nadi)
lung Paru-paru
liver Hari
Muscle Otot
Heart Jantung
Kidney Ginjal
Skeleton Tulang rangka
skull Tengkorak kepala
ribs Tulang rusuk
Pelvis Tulang panggul
Armpit ketiak
abdomen Ari-ari
Adam’s apple Jakun
Breast Payudara
Navel Pusar

Contoh Kalimat:

1. The soccer player was hit on his head accidentally.
2. Tiara has a tatoo on her right arm.
3. I need a massage to cure my back.
4. Keira has beautiful legs.
5. Most of women like to beautify their face by using make-up.
6. Weni feels pain on her chest everytime she takes a deep breath.
7. Ben’s stomach was full of foods that made him throw up.
8. A sweet couple were holding hands and walking along the park.
9. Children were playing mude with bare foot.
10. His eyes were dazzling.
11. Having a beautiful eyebrom becomes a trend nowadays.
12. Peter’s nose was bleeding after standing under the sun for 5 hours.
13. As well as or face, hair is also needed for women.
14. My grandfather uses hearing-aid which helps his ears to hear something.
15. Mini puts on pink colour on her lip so that people might not know if she is sick.
16. I feel itchy on my neck.
17. Rani is very interested in nail art.
18. Gendis leaned on Rio’s shoulder.
19. Korean girls have a trick to make double eyelids by using make-up.
20. My baby has a long eyelashes that makes her so much pretty.
21. Inggrid dominantly uses her right brain to think.
22. Wina got sore throat since she lacked of drinking water.
23. An old woman has a problem with her kidney.
24. There are several foods that can emerge heart disease.
25. Don’t bite your own tongue when you eat.
26. I am very sleepy and my eyes cannot resist to open widely.
27. His lung is healthy because he does not smoke.
28. Most of men go to the gym to shape their muscle.
29. There is a very bad smeel from Jaka’s armpit.
30. Many women do not have adam’s apple.
31. Most of mothers with a baby are not fasting in Ramadhan since they are in the period of breast feeding their baby.
32. We are suggested to brush our teeth before going to bed at night.
33. The groom kissed the bride on her forehead.
34. The children clapped their hands because they are very happy.
35. The prince apologized on his knee to the princess.